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reintroducing dairy to 24 month old help!!

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chloejaynemummy Tue 28-Jan-14 19:03:42

So my lg has had cmpi since she was 2 months old however for weeks now she has been eating crisps and biscuits with milk in and so far so good so have tried yogurt she had 2 baby spoons full about 4 weeks ago and was fine so 2 weeks after she had another 3 spoonfulls and still ok so on Friday and Saturday night she ate a whole pot on both nights and has still been ok so have given her another whole pot tonight she had had no bad nappies has not been sick and her xma has also not flared up! Her first reactions was bad nappies for 2 days then passed blood bad skin and xma So dare I say it could she have grown out of it already?? What do I try next? Now im stuck! Xx

Auntierosemary Tue 28-Jan-14 21:29:27

Hi just been trying to find a leaflet from our dietician about this - we were given a sheet telling us what food to give and how often when reintroducing cmp. From memory it starts with biscuits containing milk. - one a day for a fortnight. If no reaction, then move on to small amounts of cream or cheese in cooked food, again same amount every day for two weeks, and gradually build up until finally a drink of milk. Can't find the damn thing anywhere but if I do will come back and update.

Having said all that, a friend of ours just gave her son a pint of milk and he was fine. Probably v lucky though! Our girls reacted to the bloody biscuits in week one.

chloejaynemummy Wed 29-Jan-14 13:28:08

Ahhh brilliant thank you shes been fine with biscuits and still seems ok with yogurts no reactions from last night iv got some custard to try her on in The next few days im trying not to get to excited and im waiting for a reaction lol xxx

ChilliJo Wed 29-Jan-14 20:57:01

I followed the same process as Auntierosemary more or less when reintroducing dairy to my 14 month old CMPI DD and she had no reactions at all grin She's a milk monster at almost 4. Here's hoping for the same for you; it was such a relief to us. Now if only DS6 could outgrow his egg allergy.......

chloejaynemummy Tue 11-Feb-14 19:07:12

Well still so far so good! Has had more yogurt mini chedders and also had some chocolate almonde cake at nanny and grandads and still no reactions! Xxx

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