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Which milk can I give to CMPA baby?

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IndigoTea Mon 27-Jan-14 12:01:55


I will be going back to work when baby is around 1 year old and wondering what my options are re feeding? Don't want to give her soya milk, and can't breastfeed her, so what are my options?

Thanks smile

trixymalixy Mon 27-Jan-14 18:47:58

Reallyyou will need to be prescribed a hypoallergenic formula until your baby is 2 as none of the milks in the supermarket are nutritionally adequate apart from Alpro 1+ milk.

trixymalixy Mon 27-Jan-14 18:49:14

Btw, I went back to work when DS was 1 and I just bf him in the morning, evening and before bed and it was fine. He wouldn't take the formula.

BigWellyLittleWelly Mon 27-Jan-14 18:51:46

We used calcium enriched oat milk from two years asa drink. I would personally be cautious about large volumes of soya based milk owing to the oestrogen (look on nhs site).

And don't give rice milk to under 5's.

lackingideas Tue 28-Jan-14 06:41:57

Aptamil pepti 2 is a formula for cmpa babies older than six months. Apparently it tastes nicer than other brands' versions so you have a better chance of getting baby to like it. But you'll need to get this prescribed.

It might be worth asking to see a dietician too - if I've understood the NICE guidelines properly then you should be able to do that on the NHS. (if you're in the UK that is!)

Auntierosemary Tue 28-Jan-14 20:57:55

As far as I know, prescribed milk is your only option if you don't want soya. Other milks like oat milk are too low in fat for kids aged under-three, according to our dietician. You can get nutramigen or neocate on prescription. Both are made from cows milk but the proteins have been broken down, more so in neocate than nutramigen so which one you choose depends on how severely allergic your child is.

IndigoTea Thu 30-Jan-14 12:22:56

Thanks everyone! smile

How nice is Aptamil pepti 2?

lackingideas Fri 31-Jan-14 07:08:03

Pepti 2 tastes horrible to me but no worse than normal formula! My 8mo seems to have taken to it ok - she resisted to start with but I think that was the bottle rather than what was in the bottle iyswim.

IndigoTea Fri 31-Jan-14 16:46:03

Thanks lacking! Which bottle worked for your LO? My LO is very fussy and I know it's going to take a lot of effort to get her on formula.

In other news, GP doesn't want to prescribe Aptamil Pepti until dietician sees LO.

angelscout Fri 31-Jan-14 21:53:10

We use kook milk for my 5yr old and neocate LCP for my 2yr old

lackingideas Sat 01-Feb-14 01:48:10

In the end we gave up on the bottle and just use a free flow beaker.

Sounds a bit strange to me (but I'm no expert) that they wouldn't prescribe it yet. presumably if you were going back to work now then they wouldn't make you wait for a dietician!

JiltedJohnsJulie Tue 04-Feb-14 22:12:29

Are you bfing? Is so, there is no need to offer milk to drink at all while you are at work. You can feed first thing and before bed and get childcare to offer water and solids the rest of the time.

gretagrape Wed 05-Feb-14 10:01:13

Just a quick one - Neocate doesn't contain any animal-proteins, so if your baby's allergy is severe, this would be the safest bet.

Waltonswatcher1 Tue 11-Feb-14 20:19:18

Kara coconut milk is so tasty and has calcium . Great for replacing dairy , I am still bf though so this supplements that.

GingerMaman Wed 12-Feb-14 15:21:41

Can you get Kara coconut milk on prescription?

Waltonswatcher1 Wed 12-Feb-14 19:46:55

Nope . The prescription issue for Restricted diets is a disgrace . It boils my blood . It is no different than any medical need .
We spend a bloody fortune - no dairy soya egg gluten wheat and nuts .And the dietitian said organic where possible as the pesticides can cause allergies too .
I saved the NHS a fortune by breast feeding,the prescribed milk was £50 a tin . What a joke...

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