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Scratch prevention in babies

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EssieEttie Mon 27-Jan-14 11:41:26

Anyone any ideas on how to prevent babies from scratching during changes? My son has eczema all over his body, and as soon as any skin is exposed, he is scratching. Change time is very stressful, not to mention messy. Just wondering how anyone else copes?

LindsayS79 Mon 27-Jan-14 20:59:07

I know how you feel. I have a constant battle at change/bath time etc. I either use scratch sleeves or I give her something to play with which keeps her hands occupied!

I think it is habit too, so I'm hoping the toys will eventually break the urge to scratch herself to shreds.

EssieEttie Mon 27-Jan-14 22:34:02

Sorry your little one's suffering too. Yes, I'm finding he's more easily distracted now than he was, but not always!

LindsayS79 Mon 27-Jan-14 22:45:39

A lot of people swear by getting an antihistamine and using it for a week to break the scratch cycle. I got some from my GP a week ago but my DD just started to get a bit better so I'm holding off on it and trying the distraction techniques. However I think may need to give her it when I pluck up the courage to wean her off her swaddle!!
Maybe see about this as an option?

EssieEttie Mon 27-Jan-14 23:37:09

We've tried antihistamines but to no avail sadly. My son is being seen by a consultant at our local hospital who also prescribed some on one of our earlier visits. He then went on to suggest he didn't rate it much as it acted more as a sedative than to take away an itch?! Hope something works for you, it really is a miserable condition.

babybarrister Tue 28-Jan-14 20:44:01

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

calina Fri 21-Feb-14 20:30:30

ScratchSleeves worked very well for us.

greenbananas Fri 21-Feb-14 23:30:03

A resurrected thread...

I used to put socks over ds`s hands (long baby socks). They reached nearly up to his elbows, so he couldn't get them off easily.

Just googled scratch sleeves, and they look great. But socks worked for us smile

calina Sat 22-Feb-14 06:36:07

we have tried socks but the cotton was to rough for the face. ScratchSleeve have an outer silk mitts and an inner layer of soft cotton.

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