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Shea butter and nut allergy

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MargotLedbetter Mon 31-Jul-06 11:01:18

My ds (6) has nut allergy (mild at the moment but obviously could change so we are very careful) He also suffers with dry skin and occasional eczema. I started using pre unrefined shea butter on his skin which worked wonders. His skin became 'normal' and i found i didnt need to use the shea butter very often (after bathing on body only) and daily on face, the longer i used it and the better his skin condition became. I loved using this on him as it is chemical free of course and natural.

However, now I have had a paranoid moment. I know shea butter is made from the shea nut, i have always kown that but as his skin showed no reaction and improved so dramatically, I didnt worry. I am now getting a bit worried that by using shea butter on him i coul dbe loading him up to have a reaction or become allergic later on or even increase his risk of making his nut allergy much worse than it currently is.
I have stopped using it for the moment ans his skin has become dry and itchy again. No other product i have tried (I much prefer 'natural' stuff) is as good for his skin.

Does anyone have any idea as to if my fears have any basis. My Dr is not well informed/experienced on the subject in all honesty, so any opinions/knowledge/experience greatly appreciated

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MargotLedbetter Mon 31-Jul-06 11:01:54

*pure unrefined shea butter * not pre

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Utka Fri 18-Aug-06 19:41:18

Just bumping this one for you as I've been keen to use this myself and had the same issue!

Any thoughts anyone?

Lois Mon 13-Aug-07 05:51:55

One year on I have the same question! Does anyone have any answers?

chocolateteapot Tue 14-Aug-07 02:45:32

I think I personally would avoid it, there are instances of people with nut allergies reacting to shea butter and I personally would worry a little about a reaction later.

Instead of Shea butter, what about looking for products with cocoa butter in instead ? I was going to suggest something with a combination of Hemp Oil & Cocoa butter but can't find anything, but have found a Hemp Salve that might help

Or you can buy raw cocoa butter and rub that in, it is a little harder than shea butter but will gradually melt with the warmth of your hands

geek3 Sun 02-Sep-07 17:45:20

I have been using pure unrefined shea butter on my nut alergic child for over 3 years now. All of the mothers from my nut allergy group use it on their children even the mothers with highly nut allergic children. Everyone is different but in my and my friends experience ours has been positive. I was told by various experienced sources that you are more likely to have a reaction to shea if you have a banana or latex allergy as there are more common components with those than the shea(nut) to other nuts. I personally have found shea far superior to cocoa butter for myself and my child although as i said everyone is fifferent so the best advise is to use caution with whatever you use.

heavenscent1 Wed 03-Jul-19 12:22:42

There is a soap made with goats milk from heavenscent by S&G.
Aloe Vera baby bath Bombs.
They have been used by a lot of mothers for the babies with really problem skin and have had a remarkable results.

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