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Where can I get school trousers that are not polyester/viscose?

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Tiggerish Fri 21-Jul-06 20:03:57

My ds starts school in September and I am horrified to find that all the school uniform shops that I have been to only stock trousers and shorts that are polyester/viscose.

So far I have tried M&S, BHS, Tesco, main school outfitters for town. Asda have some cotton ones listed in their catalogue but don't stock them (wtf??)

Does anyone have any other ideas? (ds suffers from eczema btw)

Pudmog Fri 21-Jul-06 20:10:28

Cotton comforts- eczema clothing do 100% cotton everything! M&S and Tesco do most cotton stuff except trousers and pinafores. If your ds needs a logo-most companies will put it on for you at a samll cost. I have had great difficulty finding cotton school dresses for the summer.M&s did do shorts but only for older children- hope they haven't changed their stock!HTH

Tiggerish Fri 21-Jul-06 20:29:42

Thanks Pudmog. Do you know cotton comforts web address?


Pollyanna Fri 21-Jul-06 20:36:10

What colour are you after? Gap usually does navy cotton trousers.

expatinscotland Fri 21-Jul-06 20:38:57

Yuk! No wonder they get so whiffy! Those synthetic fabrics don't breathe at all.

Legacy Fri 21-Jul-06 20:47:00

M&S do school trousers that are a Wool/other fibres mix which seem to be pretty good.

Tiggerish Fri 21-Jul-06 20:49:14

They have to be grey. M&S only had the poly ones yesterday. Maybe they will get the wool ones later on. Not sure if that would aggravate the skin though?

PrettyCandles Fri 21-Jul-06 20:57:05

John Lewis do school trousers in natural fibres. Don't know whether they'll have them in yet, but they certainly had them towards the end of the summer last year.

Tiggerish Fri 21-Jul-06 21:02:37

Hadn't thought about JL PrettyCandles. Will definately try them.



Legacy Fri 21-Jul-06 22:52:33

DS has had the M&S wool ones for 2 years now - they are definitely the softest ones we found.

M&S online probably has them, and they had a 3 for 2 on school uniform recently - might still be around?

ayla99 Wed 26-Jul-06 10:49:51

Eczema clothing

Healthy House

bizzard Thu 28-Jun-07 11:23:36

WE have had Cotton Comfort Grey school trousers and a school shirt.

The shirt is supersoft and my son really likes it though it can be tricky to iron ( i'm not sure on balance it was worth the money). The school trousers did the job well though now have a hole in the knee. I think the trousers were good value even though they are not so durable as his eczema flared up terribly in the synthetic standard school trousers.

I found M+S cotton school shirts ironed and wore very well and were probably a better option

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