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Possible Salmon/Fish Allergy?

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Tarka Fri 27-Feb-04 09:39:03

Ds (9 months) had salmon for lunch the day before yesterday, and by tea-time had developed a blotchy rash on his forhead, cheeks and chin. A friend of mine who has a baby was here at the time, and immediately asked me if he had had salmon recently; she says it is an allergy to salmon or possibly just fish. He seemed subdued the rest of the day, but by the following day the rash had almost gone, today it is completely gone. Does anyone have any experience of this? Should I take him to the doctor to get him checked out? And does this mean he will never be able to eat fish? (Apart from a cold, he seems fine in himself now).

josiejump Fri 27-Feb-04 22:56:29

Dd( 26 months) had the same thing happen recently, a horrible rash, a bit like nettle stings on her face, arms and legs. She had eaten fish fingers for tea, and also a bowl of raspberries. She has since eaten fish without any reaction, so I don't know what it was. I think probably unless you get a reaction a second time, then it could be anything that has caused it. I wondered whether it may have been a different skin cream that had been used earlier that day ( only on her face). I think I'd try him again with a small amount of fish and see what happens. Good luck!

bunny2 Sat 28-Feb-04 09:50:25

Tarka, it might well be an allergy to fish - my ds has one to white fish. You should get a bottle of piriton syrup to give to your ds if it happens again, it is an anti-histamine and calms down any allergic reations. I would also talk to the gp about it, I dont know if they would want to carry out allergy tests at this stage but I would definately get a medical opinion.

Josiejump, berries can cause an allergic reaction, stawberries are quite a common one. Maybe your dd react4d to the raspberries not the fish.

robinw Sat 28-Feb-04 11:03:19

message withdrawn

suedonim Sat 28-Feb-04 12:23:17

My ds was allergic to fish. We often had home made fish and chips for tea on Fridays but it was a while before we twigged why he always seemed to have asthma attacks on Friday evenings. This was in the days when allergies were relatively rare so we didn't realise what was happening. After a few years he stopped getting the reactions and has no problems with fish now.

Tarka Sat 28-Feb-04 12:56:02

Josiejump - yes this looked like nettle stings too. I will definitely take him to the doctor on Monday and get a bottle of Piriton. Hope its not a lasting allergy.

Many thanks everyone.

P.S. rash has totally disappeared now after no fish for 2 days, but he has developed a cold (related to immune system being low from rash maybe?)

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