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Product advice needed please

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Hollyboo Sun 09-Jul-06 17:56:13

DD has been fine with Aveeno cream and the sun cream. We have perscription cream for bad flare ups on her knees. But now the Aveeno doesn't seem to be moisturising her legs enough. Her thighs and ankles are very dry. We had been using Silcocks Base so I put it on her a few days in a row and the itching is back, plus her bad patches on her knees reappeared. So Silcocks is out the window. Don't think I can go through trying lots of creams again. Any suggestions on organic or more natural creams?

Chandra Sun 09-Jul-06 21:10:55

I can't suggest an organic or natural remedy (all the ones I tried were useless apart of ridiculously expensive as the tubes tend to be on the small side considering the moisturising needs of eczema skin).

The only thing that has worked better for DS than Aveeno is Eucerin 10% Urea (it has to be the 10% version the other ones are not good enough). I get it on prescription but it is also available from Boots.

Hollyboo Sun 09-Jul-06 23:11:28

Thanks Chandra. I'll have a look. I know we tried it before but it wasn't the 10% one.

sunlight500 Thu 22-Feb-07 14:22:08

Message withdrawn

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