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Reaction when weaning

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JRJ13 Tue 05-Nov-13 20:08:40

Hi, my first post, hoping you can offer some advice!

My lo is on nutramigen aa for cmpi and we are still waiting to see a consultant. I have started weaning and noticed hives developing when bathing him before bed. He had peaches at 8 am this morning and nothing else has changed sI I assume they are a reaction to this. Problem is I am afraid in case the reaction gets worse. It is obviously a slow reaction but is there a chance it could still cause a more dangerous reaction? I am afraid to go to sleep!


Tenalady Tue 05-Nov-13 22:42:28

Hi JR,

You will probably find that medical help here is far and few between, nobody wants to be accused of incorrect information particularly with such incidents as yours. I would really advise you to ring NHS Direct and ask them. Sorry cant be of any further help, hope all is well and welcome to Mumsnet xxx

MrsSpencerReid Tue 05-Nov-13 22:49:10

Are you under a dietician? I found they were more helpful when it came to weaning

freefrommum Wed 06-Nov-13 10:03:51

I would say that it's unlikely to be the peaches given the time lapse plus it's a fairly uncommon food to be allergic to (not impossible though obviously). Hives are normally a fairly quick reaction (slow reactions tend to be things like eczema, tummy pain, wind, diarrohea). What did he have to eat/drink in the evening before bathtime? Even if it was something he has had before, it could still be a reaction as you don't react the first time you eat something (it's the same with stings, if you're allergic you don't react the first time you're stung).

greenbananas Wed 06-Nov-13 11:24:38

As freefrommum says, it's unlikely to be the peaches. Did he eat or drink anything else just beforehand?

What about contamination from your clothing or hands, or maybe toiletries? He might be reacting to some ingredient in his bubble bath?

JRJ13 Wed 06-Nov-13 18:55:05

Thanks for the responses.

He didn't have anything else to eat/drink apart from his milk or do anything different. I will avoid peaches for a while anyway, no big loss!

We are awaiting an appointment at the hospital to see a consultant and dietician. Hopefully this will come through soon.

This weaning business is more stressful than I imagined!

Thanks again.

MiaowTheCat Sat 09-Nov-13 10:51:11

Is it worth asking your HV to ring through to the dietician team for some interim advice while you're waiting for your appointment? Depends how it works in your area - but local to us the HVs can contact them much quicker for some telephone backup as a stop-gap until they can see parents in person.

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