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Page 2 | Help! looking for laundry products with no limonene or linalool

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spababe Mon 04-Nov-13 15:03:58

My son has been tested allergic to Limonene and Linalool and it's in an awful lot of products. It seems to be giving him eczema. I have found a hand wash, shower gel and shampoo but now I am looking at laundry products. Often these ingredients are simply listed as perfume and I have just phoned Persil to find it IS in Persil non bio and Comfort Pure. Does anyone know of laundry products that are free of these ingredients?

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2486 Fri 13-Sep-19 14:51:40

No good. Splosh contains Linalool. Been using Ariel and been fine but looked on the box after a flare up and see it has Linalool in it. I'm sure it didn't used to sad

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