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what happens at first allergy clinic appointment?

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Monkeyandanimal Mon 04-Nov-13 13:05:56

We have been given an appointment for DS1, 3.5 years to attend an allergy clinic, as he has reacted to peanuts in the past and we wanted to know how serious the allergy was/could be. Is this likely to be a skin prick test or will they give him peanuts and monitor? How long is this likely to take? I am worried, as my babysitter for DS2 has let me down and i think i may have to bring him along too...and he is very active and hard to manage right now (2 years) and the 3 year old isn't much i wasting everyone's time if we have to attend with toddler in tow? I am stuck...there is noone else who can take time off to come with us.

corlan Mon 04-Nov-13 18:23:45

Hi there.

My DD had her first appointment at an allergy clinic last week. They gave her a skin prick test of 13 possible allergens and monitored her reaction. I'd say the whole process including waiting at the hospital pharmacy took about 2 hours.

I wouldn't worry about taking your toddler if it's a child's allergy clinic. The one I attended had video games, toys and even a slide for kids to play on and most people had more than one child with them.

Good luck, hope it all goes well for you.

Monkeyandanimal Mon 04-Nov-13 20:44:38

Thank you for that reply corlan. We'll see how we go; really don't want to cancel this one!

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