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Petrochemicals, mattresses in particular

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MistyB Mon 04-Nov-13 12:06:53

DS has multiple food allergies and the list has been growing in the last six months (he is 4 and a half). He had also been reacting to the type of toys that give off fumes (trash packs, rubbery toys that smell strongly), helium filled balloons (but not air filled ones), rubber bands, feathers, animals and some dusty broken pipes at school (as far as I can make out - people think I am mad!)

He has always reacted to petroleum in products put on his skin.

I am beginning to wonder if he is waking up each morning snotty and coughing because of the fumes from his foam mattress and if anyone has any experience or any suggestions of where I could get a natural fibre mattress that does not contain natural latex (found searching yesterday) or feathers that does not cost as much as all of the rest of our mattresses put together! The futon company have recently started adding polyester to their mattresses and I have no idea if that is a bad thing or not, I think we would be better avoiding it.

BlessThisMess Mon 04-Nov-13 13:36:18

If you Google for 'organic mattress' you should find quite a range. smile

MistyB Mon 04-Nov-13 17:54:10

Thanks! I tried 'Natural Fibre Mattresses' but indeed, 'Organic was a much better search term.

timeforahaircut Mon 04-Nov-13 18:00:38

A friend's son is allergic to all new bedding - she has to put mattresses and duvets out in the sun for a while before using them. She says the sunlight breaks down the chemicals he's allergic to. Not the best time of year for that suggestion I know!

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