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Stopping bf a 14 month old with allergies

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Juliettesmommy Sat 02-Nov-13 18:40:59

Hi I'd love some advice from other mums who have stopped breastfeeding their babies who have allergies. My daughter is 14 months and is allergic to cows milk, eggs, sesame, peanuts and now we think tuna too. I have continued to bf her until now and she has Nutramigen once a day while I'm at work. She went though a phase where she refused the Nutramigen but now seems to like it fine. Recently my milk has dropped way down, and she is getting quite frustrated on the breast. She is also waking in the night wanting to be fed which I don't really want to start doing after months of good sleeping. Im ready to be done with it but I want to make sure she is getting adequate nutrition of course. So my questions are....

- for those of you who feed Nutramigen or other special formula for CMA, how long do you continue feeding it and how much??

- what other milk replacements do you give? I give my daughter the alpro soy milk made especially for toddlers. She has it on cereal but won't drink it so far.

- what are your go to foods, snacks, recipes etc? My little one has a decent diet but it is limited - I need ideas!!

Thank you all and let's hope they grow out of these allergies soon!


londonlivvy Sat 02-Nov-13 19:11:08

My DD is intolerant, rather than proper job allergic (but we still get hours of crying plus projectile vomiting for the offending items) to dairy products, eggs and peas. She has just turned one and I gave up bf at six months. She has neocate morning and night in a bottle (I know, I know, the HV does not approve).

I have just bought organic non sweetened soy milk, which I was going to put in her morning bottle and thus gradually start that transition. I didn't know there was a special toddler soy milk. It wasn't mentioned in the bumpf from the dietician. DD has koko coconut milk on her cereal as I like it too (and she used to be intolerant to soy too - only recently discovered that she has grown out of that one). Yay!

Snack wise, I give her rice cakes, bread sticks, pitta and humous, oatcakes with peanut butter (obviously no good for you but would almond butter work?) as well as fruit. Sometimes raisins but try not to do that often. For a real treat, a fruit loop.

londonlivvy Sat 02-Nov-13 19:14:13

I think neocate etc is only up to one year and soy after that, so as soon as I know that she will drink the soy stuff, I will be phasing out neocate.


I do pork/mushrooms/onion fried up with Dijon mustard and some white sauce mixed in (made with vitalite, koko milk and soy cheese). Served on pasta.

Sweet potato mash with soy cheese in.
Poached cod in koko milk.

Can't think of anything else inspiring at the moment, sorry.

Also fish fingers. blush

MistyB Sat 02-Nov-13 19:43:48

I stopped at 12 months and never gave Neocate or other formula. Lucy Burney's optimal nutrition for babies and toddlers has good sections on sources of nutrition and good recipes, not all suitable due to nuts and seeds allergies but it is still good. I try to make sure DS gets a mix of fatty acids from various oil sources, Borage, Coconut, olive oil as well as fish, and I use chicken stock instead of water as often as I can, in rice, pasta, potatoes etc. My son is allergic to peanuts (among other things) but he does have almonds which I use in baking. I supplement vitamin A, D, C, pre and probiotics, fish oils and cod liver oil.

skinnyrascal Mon 04-Nov-13 18:00:00

If I had to restrict my DD's diet to that extent I too would worry about if it was adequate. I'd ask GP for referral to dietitian, to check what was and wasn't suitable and make sure was balanced. I do know soya is fine from 12months as drink as long as its fortified with calcium, inc soya yoghurts. If she doesn't like soya too much, try mixing with her neocate then over couple days reduce neocate content in cup. Good luck

skinnyrascal Mon 04-Nov-13 18:09:22

Sorry, not paying attention-mix the Nutramigen with soya. The Nutramigen is only for up to 12m (though I was told can go a bit beyond if necessary) and dietitian would be able to advise you if another prescibed alternative was needed or if soya was enough. We were going to be put on neocate active at 12m but at challenge DD managed cows milk-yay!

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