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Possible problem on first dairy trial

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Alexa007 Mon 28-Oct-13 20:50:37

Hi, I am in need of some advice.

Dd is 7 months. She suffers reflux (mechanical not just due to dairy intolerance) and also a suspected dairy intolerance as she developed eczema and tummy problems on aptimal and aptimal pepti. She changed to neocate at 6 weeks old. Eczema and related problems cleared straight away, and she is on mediations for the reflux.
Even on neocate she will not drink milk unless on medication and even now drinks very low volumes.

Anyway, weaning is now well underway and as we have had no issues with any other foods out dietician recommended doing a dairy trial with her. We have done a week of yogurt, just a few teaspoons a day. I thought that was going well so I gave her some food with milk in last week - digestive biscuit, mini pancake.
The last 2/3 days dd has been dry retching and today she has retched and vomited a clear liquid about 6 times. Quite forceful - comes out of her nose.

I am wondering whether this is a reaction to the new foods.

Has anyone experienced this? Or could it just be a symptom if teething (she's cutting a tooth at the moment). She seems to be refluxing worse this week too - but again could just be teething.

Thanks for any advice, I will be disappointed if this is a dairy problem I was looking forward to giving her some lovely food!!

eragon Tue 29-Oct-13 10:03:40

yes if not ill, with a virus etc, this does sound like a problem with milk.

That's quite a lot of diary to have all at once. Often small amounts of baked milk is suggested as a way to start a milk trial, not spoons of yogurt. What advice did you get on planning a milk challenge?

I would question the dieticians advice here, esp as your baby has shown to have problems with partially changed milk formulas, and is on one with totally changed milk protein structure. Also your baby is only 7 months old, so its early days yet for outgrowing!

I would go back to your gp and ask for a referal to a pead or a pead immunologist.
If you are already under the care of a pead, question this doc about the dieticians advice.

skinnyrascal Mon 04-Nov-13 18:26:25

Have you asked the dietitian about the reaction? Out is quite young for a challenge but many will have grown out of by 12m which isn't the same as not growing out of until 12m. I'm sure I read somewhere that challenging after 6m on dairy free is recommended, though many choose to leave til 12m old, think cos gets weaning out of way.
The dietitian isn't going to know there's a problem unless you tell them?
The milk ladder we used with dietitian had biscuits etc first, then introduced spread, then yoghurt so I'd have thought if they were ok with yoghurt the biscuit wouldn't have been any worse?

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