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Cmpi and reflux - how do I know?!

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lem31 Mon 30-Sep-13 15:18:39

Probably a stupid question, but my 16 week old lo put onto neocate last week as suspected cmpi.
I was very unconvinced, just thought it was reflux but ranitidine stopped working. His ranitidine was put up to max dose a week ago and neocate introduced 5 days ago.
Reflux still terrible, struggling to feed and lots of sick for a couple of days (although possibly sick has calmed down). But, his baby acne suddenly cleared within 2 days, as has his small patch of eczema.
Does this mean it is likely to be cmpi? Am I likely to see an improvement in his reflux and if so, in what way?

JedwardScissorhands Mon 30-Sep-13 15:24:58

Really, the only way to be sure is to reintroduce the CM and see if the reaction comes back, or if it was a coincidence.
My GP was happy with this to formally diagnose DC.

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