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bloods indicating celiac? low iga igg ttg

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isitme1 Mon 23-Sep-13 09:28:04

isitme1Mon 23-Sep-13 09:25:59

Ds is 3 and his bloods that areThe full results Ferritin low less than 4B12 316 whixh is normalSerum folate 18Hb 11.5 White cell 10.5Platelets 379Thyroid normalLfts normal*TTG lesd than 0.1 although IgA is low at 0.6, lgG was less than0.1 . Vitamin D was 68.8 which is normal.BackgroundHe has gastrostomy (feeding tube) due to gastric reflux and food aversion. Also cows milk and soya protein allergy. By what im gathering the bloods are indicating celiac disease? Hes under a gastric who has his head up his own arse his original gastric dr passed him over to this one once he put the tube in.Any help from anyone? Thanks in advance X

freefrommum Tue 24-Sep-13 12:23:11

Sorry can't really help. Think you need to speak to consultant. However, I'm a bit confused about the TtG result as when DD was diagnosed we were told a result between 1 and 10 was considered normal and anything over 10 could indicate coeliac disease. However, I also remember reading that an abnormally low IgA can affect the TtG result and patients with a low IgA should be offered 'alternative' testing (no idea what that means though sorry!).

Charmingbaker Tue 24-Sep-13 20:50:06

I'm no expert but his ttg is very low. Both my DCs have coeliac and after 12months GF there ttgs are between 5-7.
It could be worth asking for coeliac gene testing. This would tell you if he has the coeliac gene, having the gene does not mean you will get coeliac disease, but you can't develop coeliac disease without having the gene.

isitme1 Tue 24-Sep-13 21:25:35

Thats what was worrying me. It can't be low if theres not a reason?
Thanks everyone

freefrommum Tue 24-Sep-13 23:03:46

I think you're getting confused with the Ttg result isitme1. A low Ttg is considered normal, a high (over 10) result would indicate coeliac disease. However, a low IgA can mean that the Ttg result is not accurate, in other words, a low IgA could give a false negative Ttg result so coeliac disease can't be ruled out without further testing.

isitme1 Wed 25-Sep-13 05:55:34

Blood results arr confusing sometimes.
Thank you freefrom
You mightcbe able to answer another question for me
Ds is cmpi and soya. He had fried egg (used olive oil) and his poo changed within the hour to bright green yellow with loads of mucus. Sorry tmi.
Thanks in advance x

isitme1 Wed 25-Sep-13 05:56:42

Woops the question being
Was that an allergic reaction?
He always gets diarrhoea when he eats egg.

freefrommum Wed 25-Sep-13 09:39:44

Sounds more like an intolerance than an allergy or possibly a non-ige allergy (which is similar to an intolerance I think). My DS has ige allergies to milk, wheat, eggs and nuts (eg comes out in hives on contact, vomits immediately after eating and is at risk of anaphylaxis) so I'm afraid I don't have experience of intolerances/non-ige reactions but there are lots of others on here who do so hopefully one of them will be able to help you.

freefrommum Wed 25-Sep-13 09:41:22

My only bit of advice would be to stick to baked egg for now (eg cakes, biscuits, bread) and see how he goes with that before trying to reintroduce cooked egg. Baked egg is less likely to cause a reaction (my DS can now tolerate baked egg - yippee!).

isitme1 Wed 25-Sep-13 09:52:48

Aww bless

Just spoke to the dietitian she said the same thing and to challenge in a month or so.
She thinks ds has something along the lines of colitis

NothingsLeft Wed 25-Sep-13 16:34:52

It could be an allergic reaction to the egg. DS has dairy & soy allergies. Both are delayed rather than immediate allergies which lead to gastric symptoms, dodgy poo etc. Allergy UK have some good info on it it's still an allergy rather than an intolerance as the immunes system is still involved.

I'm a coeliac and DS was tested due to poor weight gain. His results showed low IgA and which make the bloods inconclusive. The next step would be an endoscopy and biopsy which is the gold standard and how I was diagnosed (neg bloods).

Do you exuded all soy including soy lecithins from his diet? Any trace if soy makes DS ill a d he refuses to eat. I find it really hard to keep on top of.

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