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9 week old with CMA

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Babygirl22 Fri 20-Sep-13 20:43:57

Hi there,

I'm after some guidance.

- My EBF 9 week old was diagnosed with CMA 10 days ago. I've since cut out all dairy and the blood and mucus in his stools had subsided.

- I had swapped CM for soya, oat and almond but after eating 3 soya yogurts and 1 soya pudding during one day the blood, mucus and colic returned the following day so I have now cut out soya.

- Because he is BF is it likely that he is very allergic to CMP/Soya?
- Should I eliminate all possible allergens from my diet and slowly reintroduce?
- What would the other allergens be? GP spoke to dietician who said Milk, Soy, Wheat, Eggs and something I can't remember :S
- As mentioned I am drinking almond milk (and now coconut milk) is that OK? Almond is by far the best in tea but I am wondering if it is unwise to eat/drink nuts? I am however a bit concerned about what I'm going to eat if I can't have dairy, soy or nuts. It's rubbish!

Thanks in advance

NothingsLeft Fri 20-Sep-13 22:12:44

DS is allergic to dairy & soy. 40% of babies that react to cows milk protein will have soy problems too as the proteins are similar. There is some info from our gastro pead on it.

kellymom has some good info on BF & allergies and time frames. I was told to eat everything else as normal and see if he reacted. DS was diagnosed at 6 weeks and I'm still BFing at 18 months smile

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