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Neocate to Neocate active? Is there any difference?

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HelloBear Sat 14-Sep-13 20:52:16

Hi Dietician has prescribed Neocate Active for DS for when he turns 12 months, he's 11mo now.

I'm quiet anxious about this as he still has 4 bottles a day (sometimes 5), will he notice? Is there much difference? Also can you have it warm as he loves his drink quite warm???


hwhite6 Sun 15-Sep-13 22:16:03

Firstly it comes in a sachet of 63g, you make it up with water to a final volume of 300ml... You need to know how many sachets your dietician wants him to have each day.

I used to make it up 'warm' when my boy was just one, but now he gets it how it comes!
Taste wise, it's still as minging as LCP smile he'll probably love it! You can get unflavoured or "blackcurrant" as a 'drink' instead of 'milk'.
Mine wouldn't entertain blackcurrant, loves unflavoured...

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