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Milk for CMA for a nearly 1 year old - help please?!

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Emmiedarling Tue 10-Sep-13 09:26:13

So, my little boy is nearly one. He has been on Nutramigen since i stoped breast feeding (when he was three months) due to a milk protein allergy.

I am wondering what on earth to do with his bottles now that i need to stop formula.

He isnt dead keen on nutramigen anyway, i've never been able to cook with it or put it on his cereal as he point blank refuses.

He has had KoKo coconut milk since 6 months instead.

But i dont think i can give that in a bottle as it is very low fat and low calorie.

Im not sure about giving soya to boys, so wondering what everyone else is doing?

We went to the dietician and she was absolutely USELESS. She didn't even know Koko existed. Sigh.

Any advice appreciated. Many thanks

Wheresmycaffeinedrip Tue 10-Sep-13 09:31:07

Some drs will prescribe the formula til 2 got that reason.

Or you could use Koko and make up the fat in other ways. Adding olive oil to his spag Bol, extra butter and oatly or coconut cream to mashed potato. Use nut butters , and avocados. Etc

Emmiedarling Tue 10-Sep-13 11:39:08

Thanks for you advice. Yes, I can definitely at fat other ways. I presume Koko has enough calcium and other vits?

MrsSpencerReid Tue 10-Sep-13 11:44:18

Our dietician said I was ok to introduce the alpro soya for 1+ to DS when he reached 1, he hates most milk so doesn't drink a lot thoughsmile

Wheresmycaffeinedrip Tue 10-Sep-13 11:48:26

It's the equivalent to semi skimmed milk.yes it has the added calcium and vits. It was the Koko and alpro the dietitian recommended. If your worried you could always get some baby vitamin drops. My dd went into the alpro junior plus which is suitable from a year and is more inline with full fat milk. She was probably about 14 m at the time.

Have you asked the dr about keeping the prescription. There are other brands if he doesn't like nutramigen. We had aptamil pepti which tastes slightly better than the others.

MrsSpencerReid Tue 10-Sep-13 20:10:43

Also, I have 5 tins of nutramigen lipil 2 if you're anywhere close to me and can make use of it!! DS won't touch it with a barge pole grin

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