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Skinnies clothing for Eczema

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megab Sun 01-Sep-13 00:20:25

Has anyone tried these? DD was prescribed some and I tried putting her in the babygrow tonight. She kept waking up crying and itching, so I've had to take it off and put a normal babygrow on her. I thought Skinnies are meant to be good for Eczema?
Anyone else have any experience of using these outfits? Cheers x

greencybermummy Mon 02-Sep-13 11:21:16

we've used them but DD was a but older so it was long sleeved vest and leggings. Personally we like them. For us they hold paste bandages in place or just a really good greasing. My DD seemed to be less itchy when she had some pressure from the garments on her, lessened the urge to itch.
Was she took hot maybe? They are quite warm and my DD hates it if she is too hot at night. We use a fan in her room almost every night and it definitely helps.
One thing I have learnt with eczema is that one approach doesn't fit all, you really do need to try lots of things to find what suits your individual child.
Perhaps they felt different to her normal pj's and need some getting used to. Can you use them in the day underneath other clothes to get her used to them?
Hope you find something that works.

megab Tue 03-Sep-13 21:37:45

Maybe she was a bit hot, I thought it could be they needed another wash, as I have to wash all her new clothes before she wears them.
But no, even after another wash she is really upset going to bed tonight.
I think ill try her wearing them during the day like you suggested. Cheers x

Gillw1970 Tue 17-Sep-13 18:12:25

Hi have used the skinnies on my daughter, 5-8 top and legs in pink and she loves them, can't get her out of them. Not had any problems and since wearing them her eczema has improved. She hated the tubifast, didn't fit well and was uncomfortable.

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