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Experience of wheat allergy improving?

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looseleaf Tue 30-Jul-13 17:19:49

Our 6 yr old has been strongly wheat intolerant, moderately dairy intolerant and not great with nuts or citrus or soy .
She had months and months of chronic pain and diarrhoea as a toddler as we took a long time to work all this out.
However about 6 months ago she ate half a pack of normal Jaffa cakes when playing with a friend and i wasnt looking and seemed fine.

Could it be that she can tolerate wheat better ? Does this happen? Should I try normal bread to see?

Thanks if anyone has experience!

I'm the opposite as used to eat wheat fine and now can't at all even a trace.

OHforDUCKScake Tue 30-Jul-13 19:48:29

Hi. Yes the gut can heal. In fact, kts incredibly likely for a child to grow out of allergies.

However, avoid nuts as they tend to be for life.

And dont go hell for leather on the wheat, slowly slowly.

Yes, if you've cut it out completely for years the gut can heal and may tolerate it.

Dd was severely wheat intolerant and almost as bad with cmp but grew out of both. She's 8 and can eat a full diet now.

Unfortunately being atopic she has developed asthma so we've replaced one health issue with another!

If you try reintroducing go slowly. dd got better gradually, she went from completely intolerant to tolerant over two years during which she was able to tolerate slightly more each time we tested her.

looseleaf Wed 31-Jul-13 21:10:10

This is thrilling to hear, thank you! Not that we have any issue being wheat free as I have to be anyway, but I'll be so glad if she can avoid the hassle of being so.
Thank you so much for your help as we'll try reintroducing very slowly as you suggest and see how we go. She must have had no wheat or gluten for 3 years now and I've noticed her citrus intolerance for example much improved so she eats tangerines now quite often

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