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Suncream aaagggghhhh!

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fisil Thu 08-Jun-06 09:06:19

Ds1 seems to have an allergic reaction to suncream. He's always complained about having it on - but don't we all. But I noticed the other day that where we put sun cream he has a rash all over and patches of dry skin. So we showed a pharmacist and he recommended a different sun cream. The new one still hurts him and the rash is just as bad.

He won't let me put oilatum cream on his rash at night, saying that that hurts too.

So is this just stroppy 3 year old? Is there a better type of sun cream (or an alternative)? Is this a matter for the hv or GP?

PS to all you helpful allergy people who I've chatted to recently - this is the other ds, not the one with the food allergies. This one (ds1) has had no allergies or health problems at all, until now!

trace2 Thu 08-Jun-06 09:10:50

my gp gave ds hes 3 some, i tried loads but all did the same (gave him a rash that sent him mad)

he gave roc, factor 25 and no rash

leander Thu 08-Jun-06 09:12:25

Not sure what to do about the rash but my ds is allergic to all suncreams except the tesco kids one hth.

fisil Thu 08-Jun-06 09:14:10

thanks ladies. So my thinking is it would be better to go to the gp rather than spending ages trying all the different makes?

trace2 Thu 08-Jun-06 09:14:29

leander i heard the tesco one was ok to, but tried so many gave up, have given loads of bottels to ds nursery

trace2 Thu 08-Jun-06 09:15:52

fisil i told gp it cost me a fortune trying diffrent ones, he said the roc they gave to pepole who was sun sentive

leander Thu 08-Jun-06 09:24:48

Fisil I would deffo try the docs,It does cost a fortune trying different creams.We picked one up from aldi and although it doesn't give them a rash it was really greasy and i almost dropped dd after slathering her in it.

glassofwine Thu 08-Jun-06 10:02:54

DD1 is also allergic to suncream and is only just recovering from a rash last summer when Grandma put her own suncream on! We have found that Nivea doesn't give her a reaction - I don't think it's specifically for allergy prone skin, but it works for us.

ediemay Thu 08-Jun-06 10:05:43

Neal's Yard ( do a lavender suncream SPF 22 which is very gentle

Hollyboo Thu 08-Jun-06 10:50:37

Fisil have a look in your local health shop. Suncreams with all natural products. I use the Aveeno Baby Suncream for dd who has mild skin problems and no reation to it at all.

foxinsocks Thu 08-Jun-06 10:54:19

I tried lots of different ones (the soltan boots range are buy one get one free at the mo).

I won't recommend any because every child is different unfortunately. I even find mine don't react to some for ages then mysteriously start reacting! Someone posted a list the other day from the eczema society as to what the suncreams had in them that might be setting off the eczema.

Also, unfortunately, don't assume that the natural/organic ones are better (as even I find my skin is irritated by some of these).

foxinsocks Thu 08-Jun-06 10:59:53

the link (to the eczema society list) is in this thread (by popsycal near the beginning of the thread).

Ellaroo Thu 08-Jun-06 11:30:09

My ds is allergic to all the normal suncreams - he comes up in hives where ever it's been that last for about 3 days. However, have found that Weleda make a suncream (Edelweiss Suncream, factor 20) that is fantastic, smells lemony and delicious, water-resistant, goes on really well and produces no reaction at all. sell it for £5.95, but you can get it in some shops.

Hollyboo Thu 08-Jun-06 13:00:02

I love the Weleda stuff. I use the nappy cream. On dd, not myself!!

singersgirl Thu 08-Jun-06 13:13:10

Yes, just to show that everyone reacts to different things in different creams, DS1 is allergic to Nivea and to Coppertone, so far. Nivea gave alarming red welts and Coppertone gives a dry, fine but bumpy rash.

My step-sister is allergic to one of the main 'blocks' used in suncream, but is OK with organic ones, or zinc-based ones.

We find Soltan OK and go for fragrance-free ones.

Utka Sun 11-Jun-06 17:45:41

DD1 has eczema and severe food allergies. We use Proderm mousse (factor 30) which is super and has never caused any problems. Because it's a mousse it goes on easily and is non sticky.

honeybunny Sun 11-Jun-06 20:17:08

We took Soltan to Mauritius and we all burnt despite using really high SPFs and staying out of the midday sun. So did 3 other English families we met out there using the same. Wouldnt touch it with a barge pole now. We use Ultrasun SPF 17 or 28 with great results, no sting on application, no hives/allergic response and no burning even in the last few days here (29degrees). Its a once a day and despite being in/out of a swimming pool and paddling pool all day long, no-one is even a bit pink. DS2 has reactive sensitive skin, eczema patches most of the time and he's been fine so too my 18mo dd.

jasperc163 Sun 11-Jun-06 20:21:16

Anyone used the aveeno one yet?

sissyspacek Sat 17-Jun-06 09:24:05

Yep, just got some this week, my DD's eczema has been getting worse with normal suncream, but the aveeno (spf45) one is good not causing any flare ups, goes on realy well to

Twiglett Sat 17-Jun-06 09:29:39

in red magazine there's a sample of a factor 50 for sensitive skins ..

tris20 Sat 15-Jul-06 19:21:54

my daughter comes out in a rash and her face swells whenever use suncream,went to doctors he said we should be grateful we found out what she is allergic to, he told us to keep her in and put talc on her,well you can imagine what i said to him,my husband rang the manager complained they referred her to have allergy testing,she had that and as a result she is allergic to severel chemicals and perfume in the suncream we now use chemical and perfume free jason sunbrella

Hollyboo Sat 15-Jul-06 23:48:28

Finding the Aveeno suncream very good.

saffy202 Sat 22-Jul-06 19:07:23

Sorry if it has been mentioned before but where can I buy the Aveeno suncream?

TLR Sun 28-Jun-09 15:16:18

Hi - will contribute to this thread as I've had the week from hell. Myself and my three little ones have very senstive skin, very dry, all the hayfever/eczema/various food allergies between us, but to be fair I do seem to concentrate my efforts on them and make sure they're as comfortable as possible.

This week it's been my turn and having used Bergaderm (previously called Proderm) in an effort to pre-empt my recent swelling, sore, what I thought was a prickly--heat-type reaction in the sun (without sunscreen), I did my research and ordered three bottles of the stuff for the Summer. Having liberally applied this stuff all over me (particularly on my face) on Weds 24th, I proceeded to redden, welt, pimple, ooze, and swell up like a football. I am practically unrecognizable!! I can't tell you how upset I am (this sounds sooo vain I know)....but I think not only do I react in the Sunlight but also with certain sunscreens.

Last year the problem sunscreen was Piz Buin Allergy. This time it's Bergaderm. I have a feeling it's because it's mineral based and I wanted to know whether anyone else has experienced the same kind of reaction.
Obviously people are in agreement that this sunscreen is great for sensitive skin (that's why I bought shares in it!!!) but it's been horrendous for me. I am still puffed up all over my face (my eyes are barely visible) my skin all over my face and arms and neck was red and oozing - it's now scaley and still painful and burning not to mention angry reddened and dry.

Am now embarking on the task of looking at options and disecting ingredients before I spend anymore money. Years ago, I used E45 sunblock, but do you know, I don't seem to be able to get it anywhere...and fear it has been discontinued.

Oh well, am off to see whether the sun was making an ingredient in my nivea creme react with my skin and whether that has been the starting point for my rashes this season. AggggggHHHHH!

On a happier note, I have seen a Chinese Herbal Dr, who seems confident of helping my system get to grips with my chronic allergic over-reaction (he is properly registered btw and comes highly reccommended) as the NHS Dr would only give me steroids and tell me the prognosis was to cover up, wear big hats and stay in the shade! (hmmmmm with three young children????)

What's as frustrating as anything is that I am half west genes should be intervening in a postive 'you'll be fine in the sun' way..........!

Back to the initial enquiry....anyone had issues with Bergaderm? I would love to hear the alternative that may have worked! xx

bran Sun 28-Jun-09 17:05:29

I've used the Aveeno suncream on DS Jasperc. I bought it from here. It worked for ds (who has eczema) for one summer but the following summer he had a dreadful reaction to it on the first application. Now I use Sunsense.

I used Bergaderm on DS 3 summers ago, it was very good but it's agony if it gets into the eyes. DS was still quite young and inclined to rub his eyes when tired so he used to get very sore eyes.

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