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introducing egg into DSs diet

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enormouse Sat 20-Jul-13 19:15:34

Im allergic to eggs and as such DS (21 months) has not had eggs at home, in any form.

We kept them out of his diet when he was weaned in case he inherited any allergies from me. When he was over a year I gradually offered things with dried egg, mayonaise, cakes etc on the advice of our gp. He now regularly eats foods with egg in them at his grandparents. but he still hasn't had egg on its own (omlettes, scramble, boiled etc).

What would be the best way to introduce fresh, whole eggs into his diet? Now that I know he isn't allergic, I don't want him to avoid a certain food just because of me. DP has said he'll make eggs for him if I'm happy with it.

eragon Sat 20-Jul-13 20:21:16

you dont particularly inherit the same food allergies, just the ability to develop allergies.

If your child has eaten eggs in cooked form at such a young age and has no other signs of atopic disease I think its worth trying other egg dishes.

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