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Anyone able to give any advice on this reaction?

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Beechview Tue 16-Jul-13 22:01:41

Ds (age 5) had quite a few allegies when he was younger. He would get swollen lips and hives with lentils, cheese, fish. He would be sick and get exzema from dairy. He tested positive to all of those plus peanuts and sesame. he has never been tested for tree nuts.
thankfully, he's grown out of most of those allergies although organic dairy is a problem.
He recently reacted to a cashew nut. It was the first time he had it and immediately he had itchy swollen lips and was sick half an hr later (after piriton) I thought he'd be ok with tree nuts because he'd been having nutella and had had some choc chip and hazelnut cookies.

Today, around 4, he had a some biscuits with hazlenuts.He seemed fine.
At 8.00 we went to the park for a stroll and he ran around a bit. He suddenly stopped and said he had a very dry throat and kept clearing it. He also had 4 spots come up on his face. I rushed him home and gave him piriton. By then the spots had come down a bit but his throat was still dry.

I don't know if I over reacted. I'm not sure what the reaction was. Was it the hazlenuts? hayfever? asthma?

loopydoo Wed 17-Jul-13 01:24:50

I would maybe thinking getting an Epi pen. The fact his lips swell and he gets hives and spots on his face could mean that he may have anaphylaxis at some point and that only gives you about 15 mins on the first occasion, getting shorter with each subsequent occasion.

I would have him tested again to make sure about tree nuts too.

freefrommum Wed 17-Jul-13 09:21:20

Just to add that exercise straight after eating an allergen can increase the risk of anaphylaxis. This is why during food challenges they mustn't run around etc.

Beechview Wed 17-Jul-13 10:43:20

That sounds scary! I never considered anaphylaxis.
He's got an appointment for more testing in September. As usual, there is a long wait.

freefrommum Wed 17-Jul-13 11:24:05

Why not contact the Anaphylaxis Campaign in the meantime for some advice? They're very helpful.

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