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Any tips for DS starting at nursery: nut, dairy, soya, wheat and nut allergies.

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HelloBear Tue 16-Jul-13 21:29:46

My DS starts nursery in 3 weeks time. We are not sure the severity of his reactions as he's only ever digested dairy and wheat directly but has reacted to others via breast milk. His RAST test are high/very high for all. He does not have an epipen just piriton.

I'm meeting with the nursey manager next week to discuss his care plan. I've made the decision to provide his own food as I'm just too anxious to let them cook for him.

So apart from saying that he can only have the food we provide and needing to take extra care to wash down his high chair (think he had a cross contamination from cheese on someones skin) what else do we need to do? The problem is we don't know how sever his allergy is, it may not be too bad (fingers crossed!) so don't want to go OTT but also am very anxious not to get it wrong.

So any tips would be welcome.


HelloBear Tue 16-Jul-13 21:33:44

That's supposed to be egg as well not nut twice!

harverina Wed 17-Jul-13 00:04:01

I am watching with interest as DD starts nursery at the end pf August. She is allergic to milk, eggs and nuts.

What age is our DS? Is it a private nursery or preschool?

Is there a reason he does not have an epipen?

Our consultant is writing to the school nurse attached to our nursery and to the nursery too. We plan on asking for a meeting with the head teacher once school starts back mid August. I am so nervous about it tbh.

CreatureRetorts Wed 17-Jul-13 00:05:49

Surely you need an epipen??

HelloBear Wed 17-Jul-13 22:49:24

The consultant said we don't need an epipen but going to ask again when see him again in a fee weeks.

Why do people think he should have one? Does youvDD have one hav? He's not had anaphylaxis.

ukey Wed 24-Jul-13 16:40:46

how old is your wee one?

there are 2 groups on fb that would be v helpful

one is CAN - children's allergy network

other is uk parents of kids with nut allergy peanuts

all children should wash hands after snack/lunch time as well as before, this will reduce chance of cross contamination from other children's skin/hands onto toys/equipment etc.

if another child spills yogurt or something down themselves, this should be changed.

all staff should be aware of childs allergies and know how to recognise a reaction and what action should be taken.

extra care/supervision during and after any snack time to watch for any potential signs or symptoms of a reaction...

do they offer the children milk? most nurseries do... so will have to ensure safety during this time and not allow children to sit next to your wee one whilst having milk in case anything gets spilled etc.

HelloBear Wed 24-Jul-13 21:56:05

Ukey - thanks for the FB suggestions will have a look.

My DS is 9 months.

Saw manager this week and she seems pretty clued up but the poor women in his room seem really nervous about it. So then I tried to minimise it but realise this is not a good idea!

He's going to get his own high chair, they are going to wipe down toys before he arrives and make sure hands are washed. Giving really clear instructions about his reactions and symptoms.

Arrrggghh bloody allergies!!!!!

ukey Wed 24-Jul-13 23:27:31

its very daunting having to look after a child who has multiple allergies when its not something you are used to dealing with, best thing is to build up a good relationship between yourself and nursery staff who are caring for him. communication is the key so that you can discuss strategies together to find out best way that they can care for him. What are their sleeping arrangements for naps etc with him being so young, also buggies/prams when out for walks?

where do they eat snacks/lunch is it in same room as where they play or a completely separate area? as obv with babies food gets everywhere, as do babies crawling and walking around furniture etc.

mumat39 Thu 25-Jul-13 21:12:54

Hi OP, just wondering if the consultant you see is at a hospital allergy clinic and whether they have an allergy nurse?

My DD has a long list of allergies too and I tried to deal with the nursery myself, but didn't feel they ever ood me seriously. When DD started in reception last year I was really really worried as she would be there all day so the allergy nurse came with me to a meeting with the teachers, deputy head, the kitchen staff plus the other reception teachers. Having the nurse there made it a much more serious discussion and I believe that they accepted the facts from her rather than me, as I'm sure I must come across as a slightly hypochondriac mother.

They also asked the nurse to run a training session for them on how to use both Epipens and the newer Jext pen.

I must admit it took alot of pressure off me and that was a massive relief. The anxiety over my DD's allergies is overwhelming for me.

My DD's nurse is amazing and so so helpful.

I think if you can call on the team that look after your little one to accompany you, it might make the meeting more productive. I've always felt that I'm not qualified to instruct my DD's school on how they manage her. At home it is her and her younger brother. School, especially with a focus on food related learning, is something I couldn't have advised them on.

I hope your meeting goes well.

drinkyourmilk Thu 25-Jul-13 21:17:08

Aswell as food, make sure they are allergy aware with play food/ mediums too.

HelloBear Fri 26-Jul-13 15:23:49

Update: the manager has done a brill care plan, written to parents stating no nut products to be taken to nursery (same for staff), ALL staff are aware of his allergies (he's now known by all the staff!!), messy play to be moved so no risk of contamination, they have read all the ingredents of their food and non contain nuts, will wash down/change any children after spills, action plan in place in event of reaction.

All this done of managers own back none of it by my suggestions.

I am still really concerned it's not going to work out as he still has reactions (TO WHAT!!!!!!) and we now are learning when to give him antihist bU I know the nursery will probably freak and he will need picking up (fare enough!).

HelloBear Fri 26-Jul-13 15:28:45

mum we don't see an allergy consultant but he consults an allergist. It sounds like you are getting a great service ours is patchy (as admitted buy the Dr) and we currently have a complaint in place against them for failing to give us the RAST results for 2 Months.

I'm sorry to read about how anxious you are but on a selfish note also reasured that I'm not mad. Seriously I find it incredibly stressful to think that one day he may have a serious reaction and that there is so little I can do!

mumat39 Fri 26-Jul-13 23:55:33

Hello again!

That sounds really good that the manager has been so good about getting things organised.

To be honest, it's good for me, also in a selfish way, to feel reassured that I'm also not mad. thanks

I suppose the thing we have to bear in mind is that when they are in a nursery or school environment, they will be exposed to some things that even the staff can't guarantee against. Unfortunately, I've had to accept that accidents will happen. With my DD's school, I do feel as confident as I ever will that they try and do their best for my DD to keep her safe. She also has odd reactions that have no explanation, and that's at home with me and my ridiculous efforts to be careful. No school can accommodate what I do at home, so it's really important that I feel confident in them, if that makes sense.

I don't k ow where you are but under NHS choices you are able to ask your GP to refer you to an allergy clinic. I know not all areas of the UK are served by such clinics, but if you call Allergy UK they should be able to give you details of your nearest one. You can then go and ask your gp for a referral to that specific one.

My Dd was under the care of the local hospital dieticians who were lovely but not experienced in multiple allergies. In the end, I asked to be referred to a London hospital and you're right the care has been really good. The best part is the fact that I can ask the nurse things by email. She really is amazing!

The care is brilliant but they have no answers to will she outgrow her allergies or the multitude of other questions I have. She is seen annually, they do skin prick tests. They have done 2 lots of blood tests (rast). We are going back in a couple of weeks for this years appointment. I have to rein in my anticipation and hopes that she will have outgrown some of them. Every year i take DD, really hoping that some food will have become safe but So far the list has grown. but they tell me she still might grow out of some.

Sorry, I'm waffling. Really pleased that the manager is taking good care in organising everything. thanks

ukey Sat 27-Jul-13 00:21:06

good news, sounds as though the nursery are being supportive and willing to help.

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