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Can a sore throat be a symptom of hayfever/rhinitis ?

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seoda24 Wed 17-Jul-13 11:21:57

As a hayfever , sinus and general allergy sufferer I would agree/ I think I get a sore throat when my nose is blocked and I breathe through mouth only.Very annoying.My nasal spray sometimes gives me a dry throat feeling.Get it checked if it persists to be on safe side.X

hotair Tue 16-Jul-13 15:59:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

scampidoodle Tue 16-Jul-13 15:56:52

I've had rhinitis for around 10 years, all year round (no worse in the summer) controlled by a steroid nasal spray. The symptoms I had when it was diagnosed were a runny nose, feeling bunged up and sneezing and feeling tired and lethargic, for months. These symptoms start come back if for some reason I don't use the spray for a few days.

Two weeks ago I was coming down with a cold and very sore throat. Since then the cold has gone but my throat feels dry and swollen rather than sore and I have a dry cough. My eyes are starting to feel dry and puffy too.

If this could be related to the rhinitis, can anyone recommend anything to help please? I'm assuming cold/sore throat remedies aren't going to help much (I've tried a sore throat spray but I think that brings on the dry cough)

Thank you.

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