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Allergy testing at Lloyds Pharmacies

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HenniPenni Mon 05-Jun-06 11:58:04

Does anybody know if they are reliable or not? having great difficulty persuading my GP to refer DD3 for allergy testing- he thinks that as it's mostly "just" environmental then we could be here forever and a day trying to work out what the causes are (which in all fairness i know what he means), however it would be alot easier if we had a definate cause, so far we think : Dust mite, cats, Possibly hayfever and through a trial with her diet Lactose Intolerant.

Any experiences of Allergy testing done this way would be gratefull.

williamsmummy Mon 05-Jun-06 16:04:10

If this is vega testing, I wouldnt bother if this is for a child.
I would ring the allergy charites, allergyUK or the anaphylaxis campaign and get names and details of the allergy clinics near you that you want to be reffered to.
If Gp is still causeing difficulty, contact your primary care trust and ask for their policy for cases like these in children.
If you see a dermo ( skin expert) through the NHS they may give you more help, but this is very hit and miss.
For instance many do not think there is a link between food allergy and ezcema.
This is due to lack of training and education within the NHS.

good luck

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