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Oral Allergy Syndrome - my light bulb moment

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NothingsLeft Fri 12-Jul-13 11:13:34

I have this too a d only realised it was a 'thing' recently. I get it with bananas, chocolate, avocados, tomato, all sorts really but not always. My gums are sore from eating chocolate this morning but were fine last night when I ate it...odd.

Hayfever has also been shocking this year.

schilke Wed 10-Jul-13 12:07:53

Sama as jaggythistle. Mine started years ago. Can't eat kiwis, apples, plums, peaches, nectarines, pears. It's the skin. If I peel an apple it's not as bad. I can get blisters on my lips and an itchy mouth. It's much worse in the summer when my hayfever is today. A really not coping with my hayfever this year. It is dreadful.

I have never been to the gp about it, I just avoid those fruits.

Galaxymum Tue 09-Jul-13 12:15:11

I was prescribed some prednisolone yesterday as my face had burnt and it spread in a line down my throat and chest.....clearly an allergy going down my digestive system. The link of foods with the pollens has really made me think as I eat a lot of fruit and veg and never cut them out. I always tried cutting the usual like dairy or wheat and it made no difference.

I have been advised to go for the blood tests again. I had them in 2000 and was very bad with grass and birch so am trying to avoid the linked foods now.

weblette - I realised I was reacting to fruit when cutting it especially for DD. Melon, banana and strawberries hurt and now realising it's all linked. It will make me much more careful in future.

weblette Mon 08-Jul-13 18:20:14

Yes, it's a right pain!
I developed it gradually after my second child and now can't eat pretty much any fruits you can grow in the UK plus peaches and nectarines hmm
I'm allergic to various tree pollens - tested by dermatology consultant so have a good idea what to avoid.
Something else I've found, be careful cutting them raw - tiny bit of juice got into a nick on my finger when chopping an apple for dd and it caused a swelling reaction.
Antihistamine does bring down any reactions at least. Just a real bugger always having to fish out the strawberries from Pimms!

blue2 Mon 08-Jul-13 18:12:33

It depends on which type of pollen you're allergic to, as to what types of foods you might get a reaction to.

eragon Mon 08-Jul-13 18:04:51

yes. son has this issue with some fruit, strawberry (although more to do with overripe fruit being higher in histamine) mango and pineapple.

mouth sore, tingling lips, swelling lip, hives etc.

eats other fruit ok.oh, except kiwi fruit, yeah, allergic to that one.

jaggythistle Mon 08-Jul-13 05:13:40

Sorry, meant to say your swelling sounds more serious so hopefully you can get an antihistamine or something. sad

Its hard to avoid when you don't know which things will affect you.

I'm quite a boring fruit eater so it was only when DS1 was little and we bought different fruits to try that I worked out it wasn't just apples.

jaggythistle Mon 08-Jul-13 05:11:09

I have it, but never been to doc or had treatment.

Its actually recently disappeared after my second pregnancy, I am going mad eating apples! grin

For about 10 years before that I couldn't eat apples, pears, cherries and various other things without my mouth and throat being itchy and my lips puffing up a bit.

I'm making the most of it for now, there is maybe a wee tingle of an itch with some apples.

Galaxymum Mon 08-Jul-13 02:17:09

Has anyone else had experience of Oral Allergy Syndrome? I have been having weird allergic reactions for some time mainly my throat and mouth swelling and also the roof of my mouth burning. It seemed very random and foods I had always been ok with and considered healthy. Apples, cucumber, one yoghurt but not another etc. I'vw had what I thought was mild anaphylactic shock this weekend twice - as in my breathing wasn't affected but my face, inner cheeks, tongue and throat swelled and I'm red as if very very sunburnt. But I felt I couldn't go to A & E as breathing fine.

Anyway I just found Oral Allergy Syndrome on the Allergy UK site and foynd the links between certain foods and pollen. Huge lightbulb moment for me after months of suffering and thinking I was imagining my mouth swelling and burning. I must go to the GP and ask about tests but just wondering if anyone else has experience of this. Is it generally accepted in medicine? And anyone know what treatments work best?

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