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Just when I start to relax, I am reminded how hard this is sometimes

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christie1 Sat 03-Jun-06 04:00:51

My dd has lifethreatening allergies to sesame seeds, nuts and peanuts. We have been to a hospital because of it and I have had to administer the epi-pen. But my dd is 9 and everyone tells me how well trained and carefull she is. But this past while she complains of stomach cramps, but no other flu systems. Tonight she complained all day and then threw up before bed (but no other flu symtems). It dawned on me that she may be reacting (her sesame reactions was stomach cramps and vomitting then wheezing etc.) So it is possible she has been exposed to small doses of an allergin causing cramping and tonight more serious. So I am checking her all the time, she is in bed with me and I wont' sleep much. I don't see any signs of anything now but I obviously am concerned. We went over her diet today and nothing usual so I am thinking cross-contamination then thinking about how i make toast at breakfast and make her a separate bread without any exposure to sesame but have not been careful on cross contamination I think. But then again, maybe it is the flu. Damn, this is hard. I know there is no answer but I just wanted to share with people who know how difficult this allergy business can be.

Cadmum Sat 03-Jun-06 05:02:53

I am so sad that this is your thread. I will call you in the morning (not too early though since you will likely get little sleep)...

I (almost) hope that you come down the flu so that you can worry less about this episode.

I can only imagine how scary and frustrating this must be but I know how careful and sensible you are your dd1 are. I wish I could be more helpful or say something that would make it all go away. Thinking of you and your family.

I hope that someone with brilliant advice is along soon.

Katymac Sat 03-Jun-06 06:17:32

or even as she is 9 - she could be about to start her periods?

christie1 Sat 03-Jun-06 17:31:08

Yikes, period, never thought of that. I will havae to see again where the pain is but she points more to the stomach when I ask about the pain. She is better today and threw up more in the night so maybe it was flu but the constant cramping? Who knows? Sometimes I think I have to be a food detective. Got your message this morning cadmom and we are around those dates so please let's get together before you are off to vienna.

tatt Sat 03-Jun-06 22:46:21

yes it's very hard. Have you tried her with antihistamine, it might help if it is an allergy. I find all I can do is give antihistamine straight away, even if I think its soemthing else, then wait and watch to see if it gets worse.

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