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allergic reaction in dd tonight ?

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carol3 Fri 02-Jun-06 21:24:19

hi all, tonight dd1 age 6 who has a peanut allergy had a reaction tonight to something but not sure what. She had toast and marmite for tea with cubes of edam, goats cheese and chedder and some apple and tomato. she doesn't eat goats cheese very often so think it may be that but not sure. Gave her antihismanine and she's fine now she had very red swollen lips earlier with a few hives on her face like she'd had nut but she hadn't. Any advice would be great

brimfull Fri 02-Jun-06 21:48:19

It's a mystery isn't it.My ds has a nut and egg allergy and he quite often gets hives on his face after eating tomatoes.He's never had swollen lips though,that does sound more serious.Was there maybe something in the bread?
Sorry not much help really?

SoupDragon Fri 02-Jun-06 21:49:01

Tomatoes are a fairly common allergen aren't they?

SoupDragon Fri 02-Jun-06 21:49:30

I don't get a reaction from eating them but if I skin/deseed them they make my fingers itch.

carol3 Fri 02-Jun-06 21:56:46

thanks ggirl and soupdragon my initial reaction was it was the tomato i think i'll avoid for now she's had cooked tomato lots of times but doesn't eat fresh tomato that often so perhaps it is that. Slighly stressed though so will proberly see gp next week and see if she can have food allergy test done. She's never had any despite having had anaphalactic reation to peanuts.

tatt Fri 02-Jun-06 22:29:51

could just be cross contamination - someone who'd eten nuts handling some of the food. You probably know peanut doesn't wash off hands that easily. We had a similar problem once when something she'd been playing with had been handled by a person who'd eaten nuts. Still tomato is a common allergen and raw tomato affects more people than cooked so it could be that too. If she's never had tests it is worth getting them done as its useful to know about lupin flour (becoming more common) and sesame and they could test those while they were doing tomato. Also if the nut allergy was picked up early there is a faint chance she's outgrown it.

williamsmummy Mon 05-Jun-06 10:32:06

no reactions to marmite?

perhaps the high histamine rate of the marmite and the goast cheese would cause this problem?

mymama Tue 06-Jun-06 07:40:30

Does marmite contain hydrolysed vegetable protein?? It is on the warning list for peanut as it may sometimes contain peanut/peanut oil. May not show up in every jar of marmite.

williamsmummy Tue 06-Jun-06 09:34:51

no peanut at all in marmite or bovril spread. ( I can vouch for bovril have contacted the manufactuer)
I think this might be a high histamine reaction, as some allergic people have problems with high histamine foods ( and drink, like beer!)

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