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Managing eczema and reactions on face/neck

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Mumswork2 Fri 12-Jul-13 22:55:08

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CakeRage Mon 08-Jul-13 19:22:52

Good news and bad news today. Good news is that we have our appointment at the allergy clinic on 26th July, so not too long to wait. Bad news is that the rash is back. Boo sad

DS has also started screaming when I put his creams on. At first I thought it was just cause his poor skin was so sore, but today he'd flipped on to his back before I came back with the creams, so I started on his back, where his skin is clear, and within seconds he'd still started screaming. I guess it must sting his skin - the screaming is fairly short-lived, but intense. He has Doublebase at the moment. He was happy on Aveeno for a long time until that started to make him scream, but then he had hives from it, too. This time his skin looks fine, but he is obviously bothered by it.

Is this a reaction? We are due back at the GP on Wednesday, and I'll ask him to try a different emollient then, but I don't know whether to stop using it until then, even though his poor skin needs something. Lose lose situation!

CakeRage Wed 03-Jul-13 21:59:43

Thanks again for all the advice. He is still doing ok at the moment. We are now back on the mild steroid cream and while it had pretty much no effect when he was at his worst, it seems to be maintaining his clear skin pretty well. I have caught him scratching a couple of times today, though, I just hope we can keep this good patch up a bit longer. Still no word from the hospital.

We are back at the GP a week today, and I will ask him about a dermatology referral. I think we have shown he can be helped massively by a good treatment plan!

MadMonkeys Wed 03-Jul-13 08:30:49

Poor lamb. Dd2 wasn't as bad as that but had hives on face,neck and chest and eczema all over once we started solids. Plus dreadful nights, awake screaming for hours and hours... No amount of creams really made a difference. I realised it had to be a food problem and eliminated the most obvious potential allergens while we waited for a dietician appt (which took 2 months... Still waiting for paed appt 2 months later). Once I cut out all dairy the symptoms vanished except v mild eczema on her trunk. I guess its just trying whatever creams etc you can to try and keep the eczema at bay until you find out the cause. All the best, hope you get some answers soon. I guess you know that intolerances (or slow reaction allergies as they call them) won't show up on allergy tests, you have to figure it out by elimination diet. X

Galaxymum Tue 02-Jul-13 23:47:29

Our nights were changed completely when we got DD all in one pjs from which have all in ones with hands and feet. I cut a thumb hole and it means she can still be active in an evening and morning. They are pure cotton and really comfy and stopped the itch/scratch cycle.

A dermatologist is essential - also dermatology nurses have a lot of expertise on wet wraps which could help. I would try allergy/intolerence tests as well. Sometimes if you have one allergy it can be continuing and not gone out of the system so the body seems to be reacting to more foods than it is.

I do feel for you, I've always had eczema and hoped my DD would avoid it but she developed it after a virus.

ClaireOB Mon 01-Jul-13 19:40:31

Glad to hear things are a little easier for you and DS and it's great you have a supportive GP who will keep you going until the allergy appointment comes through. I hope you don't have to wait too long. Good advice from HelloBear above.

HelloBear Sun 30-Jun-13 20:36:50

Oh I meant to say push for dermatologist referral!!!!

Cry your eyes out. I always think 'oh I'll turn on the water works' but in reality there is never any need to turn on the tears it is genuine sobbing instead!

HelloBear Sun 30-Jun-13 20:34:07

Sympathies to you and Your LO. We expercing the same with my DS....alwful ezcema on face, infection, 4 weeks of antibiotics, constant itching, no sleep longer than 2 hours and miserable DS and mummy!

Things are better now, he's 8mo and the turning points for us have been:
Referral to consultant dermatologist. Brilliant care plan so much more knowledgeable about how to use steroid creams. PUSH for this.

Scratch sleeves, seriously these have saved my sanity. Still use them now.

Co-sleeping on bad nights, anything to get rest!

BUT finally and most importantly it was allergy testing after a bad reaction to milk, these have shown he's allergic to lots. I've now cut these out of my (EBF) and his diet and thou it's not gone 100% it's a lot lot lot better.

It's so miserable I really feel for you. I don't think Drs have any idea what it is like watching your lovely baby in such distress and how it takes it out of all of you.

Good luck!!!

CakeRage Sat 29-Jun-13 21:28:59

Thanks for the responses - it's been a tough time for all of us, but especially for DS! We have actually had something of a break through this week - GP prescribed a stronger steroid ointment (mometasone?) and it is doing actual wonders for his skin. I think I can actually count on one hand the number of times he itched today, and his skin is almost clear! He even slept in 3 hour chunks last night. That is unheard of! The down side is that because it is a potent steroid he can't stay on it very long, but we are enjoying this respite while it lasts.

Claire - I'm not sure it if is possible, but the GP is seeing us every fortnight while we're waiting, and keeps trying new things to see if they will help. We are due back a week on Wednesday, so will definitely see if things can be sped up if we've still heard nothing! Although if he has another reaction worse than the last one (his eyes started to swell up), I think I might just take him to A&E. I'm not 100% convinced that anyone is aware how bad it is when it's bad - I take photos but they never look as bad as real life!

Good point about the pollen, too. DH has awful hay fever, it wouldn't surprise me if he's passed on the gene!

Susana - I hope you have some luck with your LO soon, too. It's so awful watching them like this, isn't it? I'm not sure about the drying out. I was told to keep using the ointments and emollients even though his skin was permanently split and scabbed, so I guess it doesn't hurt to keep everything moist?

ClaireOB Fri 28-Jun-13 09:59:11

Poor him and you. Is it possible see if you can bring the allergy referral forward as you're having such a miserable time and sounds like you're already doing lots? Tall order, I know but perhaps worth a try. Lots of people I know are having a horrid time this year with hayfever and itching (thankfully not DD, who has had AS exams so dutifully started the hayfever meds in good time!), so perhaps pollens could also be adding to his woes. I used to use a packet of frozen peas to temporarily damp down the insane itch, but that was on the legs, I don't know how it would work for face/neck.

SusanaD Thu 27-Jun-13 23:13:20

I know the feeling sad. My 3mth lo's eczema has got infected and now has horrible sore patches on his cheeks. he's been on antibiotics for almost a month and also had to be admitted for IV antibiotics (was awful!). He's making very slow progress and the sore bits are still oozy and wet. Not sure if these sore bits are to be kept moist or allow to dry out. Ive been told that eczema skin needs lots of moisture - but if these sore bits don't dry how will they heal? GP appt on monday will be asking then.
The itching is the worst. I notice that if I let him its, he will keep itching. But if i gently hold down his hands, he stops. We are moisturizing all the time.And he's got his mitten on all day - poor baby hasnt seen his fingers in weeks!

Bearandcub Thu 27-Jun-13 21:21:55

Try a Humidifier and pure cotton clothing PJs link

CakeRage Thu 27-Jun-13 21:18:29

We are pretty sure 7mo DS has food allergies. He has been referred to a paed allergy clinic, but we are still waiting at the mo.

He had fairly mild (but quite itchy) eczema from being a few weeks old, which got suddenly and dramatically worse on weaning. He also has immediate reactions after having formula and some foods, where he gets hives, swelling around his lips and eyes, and frantic itching. We have gone back to BF, and try to feed him only 'safe' foods, but he now just seems to be reacting to everything, and has developed awful eczema.

We have a great GP, and he has tried a boatload of creams, ointments and emollients, but it had only had a limited effect. The problem is that the worst of it is on his cheeks, chin, neck and the top of his chest, and not only is that really easily accessible for scratching, but it's hard to keep any cream on that area, especially now he's more mobile, cause he just rubs it all off. The rest of his body has calmed down loads with my newest steriod ointment/doublebase regime, cause I can just get it on, the get his bodysuit on fast, and that gives the creams time to sink in. He is on a daily dose of Piriton to try and calm down the itching, but it still seems pretty bad. The GP is considering another referral to dermatology if it hasn't improved by the time we go back in a couple of weeks, but is of the opinion that he is reacting to specific things, and once we isolate his allergies and avoid them, it should clear up pretty well.

He itches all the time, scratches and rubs his face on whatever he can and it is a constant battle to keep him from ripping his face to shreds. I cut his nails as often as I can, and we are still half-swaddling him at night (just his arms) which keeps his hands away, but he still rubs his cheeks on his bedding, or on his shoulder, and it ends up scabby again. Plus he always ends up busting out of the swaddle and having a good scratch before I can get to him!

Someone recommended scratch sleeves to me, which look great, and I am going to order now, but has anyone got any other ideas that might help? It's awful watching him, we barely sleep and he is on his second lot of antibiotics this month for skin infections caused by him picking holes in his cheeks sad

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