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Wheat and Dairy intolerance - recipes please for 9 mo!

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wongy258 Wed 31-May-06 15:24:33

DS has wheat and dairy intolerance (saw a kinesiologist - amazing, if anyone wants details I can tell you how its done)
Does anyone have the same prob? If so any recipes / average daily diet would be really useful. Also, does anyone use any Soya formula - DS has been on goats formula but that showed up as intolerant, he's ok for sheeps milk, anyone know where I can get some?!!

Heartmum2Jamie Thu 01-Jun-06 11:11:27

Hi there! I'm sorry to hear about your ds. My ds is milk, egg, soya, nut & wheat allergic, which is al little different from intolerant, although you will still want to avoid these foods where ever possible. I can't really help you with the milk, as my ds is still breastfed and has rice milk on his breakfast. As for the wheat, we just buy wheat free alternatives, or stick to classic meat & veg type meals. He eats pasta, bread biscuits, all either bought from a free from aisle or homemade. He eats a fair bit of tuna & meat (everything is ham to ds!). I'm not sure how much of this will be of help to you as my ds is going to be 2 very soon.

Good luck though, it is a steep learning curve but it does get easier!

Nightynight Thu 01-Jun-06 11:58:37

sheeps milk yoghurt from Sainsburys. Also, some Greek yoghurt is sheeps milk, but be careful, sometimes "greek" yoghurt is cows milk, or mixed sheep/goats milk.

Likewise feta, it should be sheeps cheese, but can be made with cows milk.
Try a Turkish shop if you can, for sheeps cheese.
Oh, and you can also get sheeps milk Wensleydale cheese, from Sainsburys I think.

You can get sheeps milk itself from some health food shops.

Sainsburys Free From range has got quite a lot of stuff that is wheat and dairy free.

this post is turning into an ad for Sainsburys, but they were the best supermarket last time I was in UK! I think Tesco also has a fairly good range of wheat/dairy free stuff now as well.

wongy258 Thu 01-Jun-06 19:24:58

Thanks ladies, have managed to order some sheeps milk from HF shop. heartmum2jamie, do you use the rice milk to cook with? - can I use it as normal in sauces etc?

gigwig Thu 01-Jun-06 21:36:50

I used a lot of rice and potato (still do now) stew things with veg and meat/fish.

You can get Soya formula on prescription.Otherwise from supermarkets and some chemists - main brand is called Wysoy.

azroc Thu 01-Jun-06 21:40:51

Soya milk is good for cooking with, I recommend Alpro. There are several types available, chilled and non-chilled. For dairy-free recipes, try the Vegan Society.

Heartmum2Jamie Fri 02-Jun-06 14:40:29

I have to admit that I have only tried cooking with rice milk once, to make some bread. I don't think it was the rice milk that caused the problem, but the loaf didn't turn out

The dietician that i saw the other day said that she does/did cook with riceilk and it was fine, but has a tendancy to turn transparent!

tatt Fri 02-Jun-06 17:11:18

don't have a problem with wheat but I do have to cope with lactose intolerance. How is he with buffalo milk as some waitrose branches stock that?
Is his problem with milk with the lactose or the protein, presumably the protein if he's Ok with sheeps milk.

I know a baby who parents had to rush him to a&e when he developed soya allergy. He already had milk intolerance and soya is a common allergen so I'd not suggest trying that.

Plenty of corn pasta and rice noodles in health food shops, rice noodles in Tesco.

None of these tests are 100% reliable, if he had goats milk formula and wasn't ill I'd stick to that. If he has a problem with milk your gp can prescribe Pepti Junior. They can also prescribe wheat free food but they'd probably want you to have proper tests first for that.

CantSleepWontSleep Fri 02-Jun-06 18:10:49

Can't offer any recipes, but just worked out a week ago that DD (4 months) is CMP intolerant. Have been out and bought some rice milk today, as I understand that many CMP intolerant babies are also soy intolerant. From reading other posts, can I assume that she might be ok with sheeps or goats milk - is the protein in that different? (she is exclusively breastfed btw, so it's me that has to avoid these foods rather than her!)

What does a kinesiologist do wongy?

wongy258 Fri 02-Jun-06 20:55:55

thanks again, tatt - did you go through gp for testing, can you tell me what the process was like - have appointment on tues but not too hopeful as HV's eyes glazed over when I mentioned intolerance, don't think I'll get much joy as he's not majorly allergic but is suffering from permanent cold symptons plus chest infections and tonsilitus.
cantsleepwontsleep - kinesiology was developed by an orth surgeon and uses muscle testing - strength of muscles when contact is made with the different food stubstances - its amazing. they gave an immediate diagnosis, they first discovered that ds is low in zinc (I was prob low during preg) which causes low immunity plus we had v traumatic birth which involved all the drugs pls emerg cesearean, babies get an essential bacteria from the birth canal which he didn't get that plus loads of antibiotics from my milk, plus his antibiotics for various ailments has basically shattered his immunity and weakened the gut. - god sorry this is going on for ages!!!
hence wheat, cow and goat intolerance.
They have prescribed zinc, and an infant probiotic to repair damage from anti'bs, hopefully this will help to get him fixed!! - I need to follow up through gp to see if they can test for lactose/ protein specifically. - any stories on this would be much appreciated. sorry for he ramble, but I think its so amazing that everthing is linked.

wongy258 Fri 02-Jun-06 20:58:51

another interesting fact! - apparently women who arelow in zinc generally don't have strong enough contactions during labour - hence ds getting stuck!!! - so if you know anyone whos preggers, tell them to eat pumpkin seeds!!

threebob Fri 02-Jun-06 20:59:05

can'tsleepwon'tsleep - I would try yourself with soy first of all, rice milk is very empty nutritionally. Take a calcium supplement, drink water and add a little more oil to your food and you pretty much have the same effect as rice milk!

Nightynight Fri 02-Jun-06 21:24:45

cantsleepwontsleep - it depends on the person, and which proteins they are allergic to. Many people who cant manage cows milk (like me) are OK with goats or sheeps milk, but some arent. the best way, IMO, is to experiment yourself, by adding each milk in turn and record the results.
Then get one or more allergy tests, without letting on what you think your child might be reacting to, and see if they match up with your own findings.

tatt Fri 02-Jun-06 22:45:33

the allergy doctors I know about don't generally test young children for milk intolerance, they diagnose it from the history and confirm it by putting the baby on a milk free formula ( or a breastfeeding mum on a milk free diet) to see if the health problems improve. In an older child or adult you would try an exclusion diet then reintroduce milk and see if the problems returned. They would test for other allergies and I believe they can test for wheat intolerance but I don't know many people with wheat problems. There is a breath test for lactose but I don't know anyone who has had it, I've just seen it mentioned on the internet. I guess its unreliable.

The protein in all milk is pretty similar so if you have problems with cows milk most people also have problems with goats, sheep or buffalo milk. However they are slightly different so there are is a minority who can have one of the other milks. If the problem is lactose rather than protein you can't have any of them but you may be OK if you take lactase.

Sometimes problems like this are caused by gut problems causing temporary lactose intolerance. Probiotics are pretty good at dealing with that but temporary can mean a good few months.

Most kids grow out of milk problems by age 3, quite a few before that, so they do need to be retested from time to time.

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