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Does hayfever give a child hives?

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rubles Wed 31-May-06 12:16:46

I noticed 2 days ago that my 2 year old dd had some blotches and nettle rash bumps on her cheeks/chin. They went pretty quickly, although other patches also flared up but were equally short-lived (they lasted an hour or two). They were gone the next morning for the childminder, but then yesterday night when I undressed her for her bath, I noticed the blotches again on her body and inner thigh - areas that had been covered by clothes. After getting in the bath there were more nettle rash on her cheeks and jawline.
She is not itching them and otherwise is quite happy and normal. She hasn't had any eczema or other allergies, nor has she eaten anything new over the past two days. One thing that has occurred to me is that she has sneezed quite a few times over the last few days so maybe she has hayfever....but her eyes, nose and breathing are all 100% fine.

Is it possible that:
a/ she has just now developed some sort of allergy to foods that she was OK with before?
b/ this could be some sort of contact reaction to something from the garden which is having a reaction on a different part of her body?
c/ she could be having some sort of strange hayfever that isn't affecting her eyes or throat but is coming out in her skin?

joanna4 Wed 31-May-06 16:44:26

It sounds like an allergy to something and it does sound like hives which do migrate around the body every few hours.Piriton is normally best to alleviate symptoms but not sure if your dd can have it at her age.

Heartmum2Jamie Thu 01-Jun-06 11:05:19

I wondered the same thing as my ds seems to have hives come up on his face quite alot, even though he hasn't eaten, they are almost always across his forhead. They are not like the hives he gets with his food reactions, just small raised pale spots that itch.

LotosEater Thu 01-Jun-06 11:07:22

piriton syrup is OK from 1 yr

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