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? cows milk intolerance

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wrinklytum Mon 29-May-06 21:14:18

dd has just turned 6 months.I started weaning at 4 months just baby rice and fruit and veg.Recently have added fromage frais and yoghurt.DD is breastfed and caqnnot get her to take a bottle or formula as she gags and sicks up.Was a very windy baby too.Has always coughed and spluttered whilst breastfeeding.Has had bronchiolitis recently.Over last three nights has projectile vomited last feed of day,quite alarming as sick ++++ .Dad has asthma,brother has eczema and grandads have hayfever and coeliac respectively so chances are she will be prone to allergies should I be concerned ??

katiebl Mon 29-May-06 21:37:32

Ask your HV about these concerns. Does she have any other symptoms that might indicate an allergy - such as a rash or a sore stomach. It might be that she is having problems getting to used to swallowing things or that she has something like acid reflux.

Get your HV to check her out - it might not be allergies.

Chandra Mon 29-May-06 21:56:13

If she has had a virus recently she might have ended with a very sensitive stomach and the problem may disapear if you add probiotics to her diet.

DS is allergic to milk and had different symptoms to those of your baby, however, allergies manifest in many different forms so, to err on the side of caution avoid don't give her any more cows products unless you have spoken to a doctor, but keep breastfeeding, milk should never be removed from the diet of a young child lightly. I wouldn't bother with the HV, unless you are very lucky and have one that actually knows about allergies, they normally are as well prepared to gice advice about allergies as every other single mortal in the planet.

Nightynight Mon 29-May-06 22:02:37

hi wrinklytum
with such a family history, Id certainly keep allergies at the back of my mind. Have your dad or brother ever tried giving up cows milk to see if asthma/eczema is relieved?
What you describe in your dd, isnt conclusive though, as you said.
As weaning is a gradual process anyway, it might be sensible to take out the fromage frais and yoghurt, and see if everything settles back down to normal. You could try re-introducing them in another month.

wrinklytum Tue 30-May-06 09:03:55

thanks for advice taking her to drs shortly

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