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DS: cold or hayfever

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harverina Thu 13-Jun-13 22:14:29

Not sure - dd and I have had cold for weeks, almost a months she and I are both worse in the morning, we cough like mad. In the past week though we have both gradually improved so I know it is a cold. I have never had hay fever but dd has allergies.

The fact that he has a puffy face would suggest its possibly hay fever or a pollen reaction? I don't know enough about it to properly advise you but hopefully this will bump this for some more responses.

monikar Tue 11-Jun-13 09:04:29

Hello there, as a mother of an asthmatic child I would say hayfever. A month is a long time to have a cold and a cough upon waking could indicate an allergic response.

When my DD was small, she had the allergic response like asthma but up her nose. By this time she was already on inhalers for her chest. The gp prescribed a nasal spray which helped enormously. There was an improvement in about a week. It was easy to administer too - a bottle with a tall piece on the top - I just put it up her nose when she was upright and pushed the button-thing, no laying her down or anything. It was really quick to do and DD didn't complain.

Hope that helps a little, good luck.

Blamenargles Tue 11-Jun-13 07:45:38

DS Is 2.5yrs he's had what I thought a summer cold for at least a month.
Runny nose and a cough but only when he wakes up.

This morning tho his face looks puffy, one of his eyes has clearly been running in the night and is nose is really bunged up.

He has been sleeping with one of his windows open slightly since the warm weather but last night both his windows were open.

So hayfever or cold?

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