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Baby with CMPI accidentally had dairy- what should I look for?

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SchrodingersFanny Sun 09-Jun-13 22:23:06

DD is 10 months and CMPI (reflux). She was put on Neocate at 10 weeks after a stay in hospital. The plan has always been to reintroduce dairy at 12 months as a test, with Paediatrician and Dietician.

Tonight she had dairy accidentally. Well actually because DH is a tool and gave her pasta with pesto (he thought red pesto didn't have cheese).

She has gone to bed ok, and no immediate reaction. How is it likely to effect her?

harverina Mon 10-Jun-13 12:17:06

Sorry there was no one around to help last night - how was your dd?

SchrodingersFanny Mon 10-Jun-13 17:14:47

She woke every 2 hours crying and screamed if you tried to put her back in her cot. She slept in our bed, mostly cradled on my arm, but still woke. She seems happy enough this morning.

I'm gutted as I was hoping when they tested her at 12months she would be OK. I'm finding the dairy free stuff tough, especially when we are out.

harverina Mon 10-Jun-13 20:57:07

Sorry to hear you had a bad night. 10 months is still young to grow out of an intolerance or allergy. There is still hope.

What do you find difficult in particular? Maybe we could help with tips or advice?

SchrodingersFanny Mon 10-Jun-13 22:05:23

It's mainly because I'm lazy and so hate having to take everything she might want to eat for a whole day. I worry that she eats too much bread as well, as it often seems like a good option.

The main issues are when we go for coffee and cake she can't have anything. Or if my 3 yr old wants ice cream when we are out she goes crazy cos she can't have anything. I always seem to have to make her something slightly different from our dinner.

I'm used to just making one thing for everyone.

harverina Mon 10-Jun-13 22:18:18

Yeah eating out is hard hmm but I am just so used to taking packed lunches now that my dd is 3. You can eat out though - before my dd got diagnosed with a nut allergy we were far braver and ate out more. Now if we eat out its at McDonald's!

Don't worry too much about overusing certain food groups. There are lots of alternatives to normal bread - Cous cous, pasta, pitta bread etc - as time goes on you will find more and more alternatives.

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