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eczema and diet, anyone help please!

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JustBonnie Sun 28-May-06 10:55:10

My dd2 has eczema which is kept quite nicely under control with Aveeno cream and bath oil. However, she has two patches on her face which never seem to clear up completely. Sometimes they get infected. I've been to the doctors about 5 times with this and they just prescribe fucidin H which is a steroid cream but then scare the life out of me by advising me not to really use it unless I have to as it thins the skin. Firstly has anyone any experience of anything which might help. Also she's nearly 8 months and I gave her a small piece of toast which she loved but it has really made her eczema flare up. I've since bought the allergy wheat free bread but she still seems to be having a reaction. What sort of bread and butter could she have??

I really hope someone can help as I don't really have much experience of eczema and really need to know I'm not making her worse.

BTW she has been on normal formula milk since birth which she's fine with but I avoid any milk products in food. Is this ok??? So many questions sorry!

foxinsocks Sun 28-May-06 11:21:05

could it be the butter rather than the bread?

why are you avoiding milk products? I'm not sure it's worth avoiding the milk products if she is having a normal formula milk. If you're avoiding them because they make her worse, then you should mention this to the doctor and he may want to try her on a different formula.

JustBonnie Sun 28-May-06 12:02:46

What alternatives are there? I know there's soya milk but I've heard it's not ideal. It's weird as she seems ok on normal formula but I was told by hv to avoid milk products in food. Gosh its all so confusing!

nothercules Sun 28-May-06 12:04:44

I have a feeling that the milk is changed before becoming formula so you can still avoid dairy but others will know.

Also you have to weigh up giving an alternative such as soya which is far from ideal to how bad the excema is.

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