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Possible fish allergy - when to test this during weaning?

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eragon Thu 06-Jun-13 19:30:03

you inherit the potential to be an allergic person, rather than the actual food allergy.
The warm weather and sun cream would be enough to make ezcema flare up.

I certainly dont think that its worth trying soya or goats formula. The latter of which is not available on nhs prescription any more.
Soya is of course a common allergen or cause of food intolerence.

How is weaning going so far? any other suspect foods? and whats on the label of the suncream? any food on that list?

MadMonkeys Thu 06-Jun-13 19:18:23

I had no suspicion of fish allergies with dd2 and gave her salmon at 6.5mo. She had a mild allergic reaction. We've been referred to a paediatric allergy clinic and the dietician advised me not to give her any fish in the meantime. Not sure that really helps...

oscarwilde Thu 06-Jun-13 10:59:00

My 7 mo DD has ezcema, not v bad but it is worse over the past week. Could be the warm weather, could be that we used sun lotion, could be that I regularly eat fish as part of my diet. Sometimes a break out coincides with my fish intake, sometimes not....

Has anyone proved a fish allergy by following an exclusion diet? I'd be happy to do this, but the trouble is that she is mix fed and there are fish oils in all formula apart from soy and goats milk formula. She's a reluctant bottle feeder anyway so I don't want to create even more issues by significantly changing the taste of what she consumes and neither of those two formula are recommended unless under medical supervision. My GP is doing the "it's baby eczema, she'll grow out of it.. or not" line. Fantastically useful, thanks.

There is fish allergy on one side of the family but neither myself, my DH or my DD1 are allergic. We've not tried her with any fish as part of her weaning as yet.

If you suspected a fish allergy how long did you wait before trying it as part of weaning, and have you had any success excluding it, while using normal formula?

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