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advice about my experience of peanut allergic ds going on school residential

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shelsco Wed 05-Jun-13 20:48:30

Basically I want some advice about what I can do about the way I was treated with regard to Ds's residential by the owner of the business.

He's away this week (he's in Y6)and the owner had told me and the school that he catered for allergies and had had peanut allergic children to stay before. I said that was good because that meant everything would have already been checked for nut traces and he said no, that's just something companies put on to cover themselves. I explained about Ds being hospitalised after reacting severely to a nut trace but he just said to email him what he could have and he'd email the menu.

I emailed to explain that I would need details of brands and someone to check packaging for allergy info and would be happy to provide substitutes for anything not ok. I got no reply. The school had also emailed as their risk assessment depended on him checking packaging and having a copy of the menu. They got no response either.

After a fortnight I rang again and he was very rude, said he had no info for me, was now having to meet with food reps because of this and more or less hung up! After another 2 weeks of no contact the school managed to contact him and he gave us the menu. He wouldn't really give much info about brands and gave no allergy labelling info at all. The school asked him to check the labels and he then said no I would have to provide all the food. I asked if he could at least check the bread labelling so Ds could have the same toast as everyone else and he said no, we needed our own loaf.

As I had paid £280 for 5 days/4 nights with food, the school asked for some money back for food. He offered £10! As this was only a week before the trip and the last day before half term I had to accept as when I'd contacted the council they more or less said the school perhaps shouldn't take my DS.

So thoughts please! Am determined that this man should not be allowed to be so abusive. It's a concern that he is telling schools that he caters for allergies as, if they take him at his word and assume he understands cross contamination, which he obviously doesn't, it could result in a life threatening reaction for a child. it seems unlikely that other people wouldn't ask about nut traces but, as he has had peanut allergic people there before and he obviously doesn't know of there are nut traces in his food or not it is a bit of a worry!

What do you all think? I'm going to formally request that the school doesn't use him again. What else can I do??

ggirl Fri 07-Jun-13 23:03:27

wonder if the power of mumsnet can do anything...don't know what though as it's only one business

shelsco Sat 08-Jun-13 18:31:43

I know I doubt it. I don't really know I want done, just don't want him to do this anyone else!

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