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Possibly coeliac?

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Rosey8 Mon 20-May-13 11:50:36

Have been posting on another discussion thread about my 3yr old girl. She has had blood in stools/on wiping for 6months now & has had stool sample tests about IBD. First result was high but repeat test came back normal.
Now been advised that it could be a fissure aggravated by cows milk so have gone dairy free.
Now she has developed eczema.

I would like to get her tested for gluten allergy as I don't think the dairy free diet is making a difference (early days tho). But am finding it tricky to find examples of coeliacs who have had the bleeding as the main/only symptom. She seems otherwise well, no pain/bloating..perhaps I'm clutching at straws?
Anyone with allergies had this bleeding issue?
Many thanks!

Rosey8 Wed 22-May-13 10:04:35

O dear, had chat with doc and she said the eczema could be a soya reaction! Now dairy and soya free, could get tricky!

Going for blood test next week so hopefully things will get clearer.
Bleeding still continuing, don't think the dairy free thing has helped.
Anyway, small steps towards diagnosing I suppose.

notapizzaeater Wed 22-May-13 13:43:30

Sorry you didn't get answers. Most coeliacs are mllk intolerant

notapizzaeater Wed 22-May-13 13:44:24

Stupid iPad !! Are milk intolerant when diagonosied but this does go away as the bowel heals.

Rosey8 Thu 23-May-13 18:48:14

Thanks for your post. Can you tell me anything about what to expect when I take her for blood test / allergy testing?

megandraper Tue 28-May-13 14:53:40

Has your DD been tested for a strep-A infection in the bottom? (like strep throat, only lower down?) My DS (who also happens to be coeliac, though this is unrelated) has just had this - he had blood in stools, very red bottom and lots of pain. I looked up the symptoms and asked for a swab. The doctor was reluctant, but it turned out to be justified. A course of penicillin later, and he is fine.

Coeliac is different from an allergy by the way. It is an auto-immune disease - the body produces antibodies against gluten which then attack the body itself, causing intestinal damage and other problems. The blood test can only be done if there is plenty of gluten present in the diet (no gluten, no antibodies). It is quite straightforward - blood sample taken, sent to lab. If it is positive (antibodies present) you'll be referred for a biopsy. I have two coeliac children.

I don't know anything about allergy to gluten (I'm not sure that exists - perhaps allergy to wheat?) I do know that there is increasing evidence for non-coeliac gluten intolerances, but it is best to get a coeliac test first, to exclude that.

Rosey8 Tue 28-May-13 16:51:56

No, so far no mention of strep. She isn't in any pain. Had the blood sample taken today to test for coeliac - went well aside from her having a small reaction to the numbing cream(!)
She has also recommended an increase in lactulose (in case it's a fissure that's not healing) & also an ultrasound (not sure what that's for).

Really overall doc seems to think the fissure is the most likely cause as she's not losing weight or anything but we will just have to wait and see I suppose.

Thanks again for your info. Xx

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