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Reflux/CMPI and sleep issues?

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TheDetective Sun 19-May-13 13:08:16

I'm at my wits end, so forgive me if this is a bit garbled.

DS (6 months this week) began with symptoms of reflux at 10 weeks. Things escalated over the following 6 weeks, and we eventually ended up on LF formula, plus gaviscon and ranitidine.

After 6 weeks on the LF, I felt it wasn't helping enough, he was still screaming some days, refusing to be put down, and very unsettled.

So we've got him on Pepti 1 now. But since starting it, his sleep has utterly gone to pot. He's never been a brilliant sleeper, but not terrible either.

But for the last 2 weeks he's been waking 20 times a night some nights. From being put down at night til we finally give in and get up. Last night started off really well. The best night we'd had in 2 weeks. He slept solidly from 8pm til 12.10, when he woke. Settled after 10-15 minutes of rocking. But after that he was waking every 20 minutes. Fed him at 1.50 after having not yet been asleep myself. My DP got up and took him downstairs and rocked him in the pram (his favourite place to sleep). According to him, DS woke every 10-15 minutes til 6am, when DP got him up for the day after giving up. DP didn't sleep til 8.45 this morning when DS finally crashed out for a nap and slept solidly til 11.40. sad DP is still in bed now.

We can't go on this way!!! I just can't keep this up! We have to sort this, and now.

So, my questions are, does anyone think this sounds like his reflux/cmpi is not under control? Does anyone recognise this in their babies? Did it get better? What did you do to improve it?

I'm planning to go to the GP tomorrow, and demand Nutrimigen AA, in case he's just so sensitive to the milk proteins. I also found out that Pepti 1 contains lactose, and considering he was on lactose free for 6 weeks, the reintroduction of lactose could be giving him pain at night? Maybe?

Oh - solids - we started these with homemade fruit/veg puree at 5 months, and stopped them yesterday. He had a new one every 3 days so we could see if any reaction - but no obvious reactions noted. We've stopped the solids in case it was that giving the problem.


freefrommum Sun 19-May-13 19:30:42

Just wanted to say that lactose could be part of the problem as the human body only produces lactase (the enzyme needed to break down lactose) on demand so if you remove lactose from the diet for a significant amount of time the body often stops producing lactase. When you reintroduce lactose to the diet you will then be intolerant to it for a while until the body starts producing lactase again.

stargirl1701 Sun 19-May-13 19:36:39

Yes. DD was exactly like this. She never slept more than 40 min at one point. I have no advice. Just do what have to do to survive. I found movement helped DD so I would go on circular bus journeys that took at least an hour. DD was in the pram and I took a pillow. We both slept.

She grew out of it around 7 months and/or the medication dose for reflux was finally correct. She now sleeps 11/12 hours at night (8 months). I feel about 10 years younger.

It's fucking hell. Do what you need to do to survive.

There is a high needs baby thread in Sleep and a reflux thread in Feed the World. These helped me stay sane.

TheDetective Sun 19-May-13 20:04:01

Thank you both for your replies.

<Cries a little>.

Yes, I agree, I think the lactose could be the issue here. Poor baby sad The GP better swap his milk tomorrow, otherwise I'm taking him to A&E and not leaving til he is either admitted for observation or given the milk. Their choice!!

Can't keep on with this.

Dreading yet another night tonight. He's currently asleep, easily went down tonight, have given calpol before bed - just in case it is something I'm missing.

I've put him in my older sons room and my poor 11 year old is actually sleeping in the cot - don't ask, his choice! as this is at the back of the house. The sun is directly on the windows at the front in the morning - which I don't think helps. But the biggest thing I noticed from last night was that he was being woken by the sound of HGV's going past - we live on a main road. So I'm hoping if nothing actually wakes him to start off with - other than needing a feed, we might get a better night.

I suspect not, I suspect it is more the milk issue. We shall soon see.

Thank you again. I'll check that thread out!

Makes me so upset though - as he was such a lovely, placid, easy going little baby til 10 weeks. Me and DP used to sit here saying how lucky we were. Everyone told us how lucky we were to have such a lovely baby. I don't remember the last time I even thought that, let alone said it sad.

Wheresmycaffeinedrip Sun 19-May-13 20:08:10

How does he sleep? My cmpi baby refused to sleep on her back. It's an incredibly uncomfortable position for refluxy and milk allergy babies. Could you try putting him on his side or tummy and using a movement sensor pad and monitor?

I don't usually recommend flouting guide lines but it must be possible that no sleep is just as dangerous as sleeping position after a while.

TheDetective Sun 19-May-13 20:21:40

He refuses to sleep in any other position than his back.

He is swaddled - has been since birth. He is currently sleeping on a vshaped pillow in his moses basket, after being happily in his cot since 13 weeks (in his own room). He's reverted right back to being a newborn. hmm

I have to say - with regards to wedging the cot - we never tried til recently, as he was never sick at night, and slept 'okay'. It was nothing like we are having now. When all this started, I propped the cot at a 30 degree angle. Made feck all difference.

The red herring that made me wonder whether it was reflux is that he is worse when upright. He seems to prefer being lay down, at least at night. In the day he is happier upright, but he vomits every time there is even the slighest touch on his tummy. It is only recently he hasn't been as bad with vomiting.

Pashazade Sun 19-May-13 20:22:02

My MIL (paed nurse and mother of six!) spotted my little boys reflux at 7 weeks, fortunately not as bad as your little ones but around the same time I started putting him to sleep on his side using one of the little inflatable rolls / supports you can get. He slept really well like this and I think this helps them stay comfy too. He was in a Moses basket next to me for this. Fingers crossed you get some more solutions. Oh the supports were close enough that he couldn't move onto his back!

TheDetective Sun 19-May-13 20:22:58

The vshape pillow is because he wants to be cocooned - like he is in the pram. He likes sleeping in there (although last night he didn't...) and is now having his day time naps in it.

Until a few weeks ago all day time naps were in the cot, and he could sleep happily for 2-3 hours when napping.

TheDetective Sun 19-May-13 20:25:12

He has a hissy fit if I even try putting him slightly on his side. sad Tried his tummy, even bigger hissy fit.

He's been in bed 45 minutes, and just made his first cry out in his sleep. He hasn't woke yet - just a shout. Please stay asleep baby sad

MadMonkeys Mon 20-May-13 09:02:48

Hi detective, cmpi gave my dd dreadful nights, awake every 30 mins, taking ages to settle (3 hours sometimes...yawn) and terrible terrible wind. She is breastfed, but the feintest whiff of dairy in her diet and the nights become awful. Sending you loads of hugs, its just awful. How did he sleep last night?

TheDetective Mon 20-May-13 09:23:07

I am delighted, ecstatic, overjoyed to report he fucking slept!!!!

In the back bedroom. Woke at 11 cuddled and back off to sleep. Woke at 345 for a feed and back off to sleep. I woke him clattering around like a happy loon in the kitchen at 7.45 this morning! He is now back asleep! shock

If we get the same result tonight we will try him back in his own room after 3 nights. If he sleeps badly again, then it's all hands on deck for a room change around. hmm

Poor DS1 will be stuck in the box room!

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