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Cow's milk intollerance/reflux

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speaker Mon 22-May-06 13:47:42

My DS is bottlefed and he has struggled with feeds from birth (now 12 wks), frequently bringing back regurgitated milk which causes him a lot of discomfort and he was unsettled most of the time. At 7wks doc recommended Gaviscon in SMA gold for two weeks. He was probably 40% better which was comforting for us as well as our ds but doc suggested Neocate as he may have a cow's milk intollerance. He is a lot happier now on Neocate but he still on a lot of feeds brings back frequently some of the milk (sometimes up to 15 times a feed) and can be anywhere up to an hour after and sometime as long as 2-3 hours after. It doesn't trouble him so much the milk coming back now but I just wondered if the Neocate is masking another problem (reflux)? I'm due back at the docs with him tomorrow but thought it worth asking if anyone else has experienced this.

mathilde Mon 29-May-06 21:10:08

hi speaker. my dd had reflux from very early age. As it was pretty major i took her to specialist She was given a prescriptive antacid and a thickener for her milk called Thixo D that made it a bit like readybrek and stopped her throwing up all the time. She is also intolerant to cows milk.There's lots they can do to help your dd.Keep him upright too. He should not have to keep refluxing like that. Hope this helps. smile

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