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Am I allergic to something?

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Cailinsalach Wed 15-May-13 22:14:45

In mid Feb I had a bad cold. It took maybe 3 weeks to shake it off. Since then I have had 3 episodes of sore throats/ low grade fever and general feeling of being under par. I am 57.

I went to the GP and he diagnosed me as having rhinitis. He used the term "post nasal drip" I think that was what he said.

He has prescribed Avamys,a nasal steroid spray and paracetemol. A week later my throat is still sore and I still feel unwell. I have to see him again next week to follow up.

Does this sound like an allergy and if so what do you think may be the trigger? I am puzzled as I dont think there would have been much pollen around since February. Should I look at products in the home?

chocoluvva Thu 16-May-13 13:23:48

Immune-system boosting supplements would probably be worth a try.

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