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Wheat/gluten and acidic loose nappies in bf baby?

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hobnob57 Wed 15-May-13 20:56:28

I've just had a gastro appointment for ds. I am off dairy soy and gluten to help alleviate his colicky tum and mucousy streaky nappies (thought to be blood). The gluten free trial was meant to be for 2 weeks but he has never been settled enough to reintroduce it with any confidence. Anyhow he is now 7mo and the gastro appointment came through. Apparently there is no literature evidence to support the idea of gluten crossing into breast milk and causing allergic reactions.

So I had some Shreddies and a bit of ordinary pasta. Since then his dirty nappies have become acidic smelling and looser. I must put a disclaimer in that he also started senokot at the same time, but this is reminiscent of dd's nappies before I cut out gluten for her.

Am I imagining this or have others had similar experiences? The gastro is making me question myself.

freefrommum Wed 15-May-13 21:00:54

Not sure about gluten but wheat can certainly pass through breastmilk and cause reactions in babies with wheat allergy (different to gluten intolerance or coeliac disease).

hobnob57 Thu 16-May-13 10:53:34

Do you have experience of this freefrommum? What were the symptoms?

freefrommum Thu 16-May-13 12:19:26

I do but as my DS is allergic to milk, wheat, eggs and nuts I can't say which symptoms were related to which allergen I'm afraid! The main symptoms of his allergies while breastfeeding were mostly reflux related ie arching back in pain, latching on then coming off screaming after 1 min, vomiting etc plus terrible eczema. It took a long time to get him diagnosed and it wasn't until I started weaning that we discovered the wheat allergy.

My DD was diagnosed as coeliac at the age of 9 and her symptoms were chronic tummy pain and if she accidentally has gluten now she has terrible diarrohea as well as severe tummy cramps.

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