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mumof2beautifulgirls84 Tue 14-May-13 21:38:29

My lg was diagnosed with cows milk protein allergy/intolerance, she's been on neocate lcp since about 8 weeks.
Anyway I'm not convinced this is what was wrong with her she's now 8 months before she was weaned at 6 months she was still having loose poo literally every time and was still being sick.
Since she's been having solid food I've noticed a MASSIVE difference her poos are normally formed I can't remember the last time she had loose poo, I've even tried her with foods containing milk like mashed potato that had milk and butter in it and also chocolate mousse only a few mouths full, I also tried her with 7oz of normal aptimil milk as I was told to do by the dietician and she had no reaction no sick no loose poo!.
I'm taking her back to the drs to tell them all this.
I'm now gonna slowly keep giving her foods with milk.

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