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How worried should i be?

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piggyboo Tue 14-May-13 19:16:39

DS had IgE tests done 4 weeks ago for 6 major food allergies but the lab is running behind apparently so haven't got the results back yet. He is 7 1/2 months. 6 weeks ago i gave him breastmilk egg custard as he can't have cows milk. i used just the egg yolks and he was fine. 2 weeks ago he had it again but i was rushing and think some white got mixed in. about 30 mins later he started vomiting profusely. Today i was making dh some french toast and got a drop of egg mixture on ds arm, he immediately came up with hives just where it had touched him but otherwise was fine. I am currently bf and looking back i think he has also been reacting to the egg in my milk.

I am going to cut egg out of my diet but just wondered how cautious i need to be, is his reaction likely to escalate. Also does the strength of reaction on the RAST indicate how serious the real life reaction will be? If the test for egg is positive (i'm certain it will be) will i automatically get referred for further tests/ to see an allergist??

I've bought some piriton today to keep in the house just in case but i'm very worried about trying other new foods now especially the ones he's not been tested for.

Any advice or experience appreciated.x

ukey Tue 14-May-13 19:31:44

the level on RAST does not indicate how serious future reactions will be.

you are right to cut out egg from your diet until you get results, for your son I would also avoid may contain egg.

good luck

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