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cmpa 16 month old how to introduce dairy

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chloejaynemummy Mon 13-May-13 13:02:27

Hello lady's I'd like some advise pls my little girl was diagnosed with cmpa at 3 months has been on nutramigen since also has oat milk on cereal used to cook with so going ok so far, she was reacting to soya but after introducing soya yogurts every 2 days we have had no reactions to this for a few months now! We brought the heinz biscotti biscuits for her the other day she has been doing so well I really didn't want to rock the boat and make her poorly so held of giving her some however oh gave her one the other week and she ate it with great delight and had no reactions! She has eaten a few since and is still fine! So shopping yesterday I brought the little peppa pig yogurts and thought I'd give them a try but how do I start a tea spoon? Half a tea spoon I just don't know! Dietician didn't really help last time we saw them so we have kept it open and only go back if we feel we need to, I'm really stuck as the reactions she had to milk before was bloody nappies sorry for tmi so do I just look out for that again? Xxx

TheGirlOnTheLanding Mon 13-May-13 13:23:51

We were advised by nutritionist to take it slowly in steps - so start with milk as a cooked ingredient (eg in biscuits, cakes) then if ok progress to cooked milk in something like custard or white sauce but again slowly so make it with three quarters oat/soy milk and a quarter cow's milk, then increase proportions. Only once we'd worked up through those levels to try a strand of cheese (then slice of cheese etc) and from there a teaspoon of yoghurt. We've been working our way through the process very slowly for about four months, and it is tempting to jump in there with yoghurt but our DD is 6 and understandably a bit scared of trying milk as it makes her tummy so sore so we're taking it at a pace she can manage. Hope this helps and good luck with your dairy challenge!

eragon Mon 13-May-13 13:53:05

allergy or intolerence?

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