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CMPI & nursery

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NothingsLeft Tue 07-May-13 18:19:49

DS has CMPI & soy issues and just started nursery. He's only done a one day where he's eaten there and he has been ill already. hmm

I wondered how other people manage in this situation?

I'm going in to speak with them but need a bit of a plan. They have said they can cater for him but i think im better off providing all his food. I might get him his own red plate/bowls so they know its different and ask they be more vigilant at meal times.

I'd be really grateful for anymore suggestions smile

thereinmadnesslies Tue 07-May-13 18:43:42

They don't sound very organised. Did they give you their allergies policy, and is there a member of staff responsible for health and safety or special needs who is coordinating your DSs care?

DS2 is CMPI and at a busy bees nursery. The children all have photo placemats and DS's has the details of his allergy on it. head office set out alternative menus for the various allergies. His food is served on a red plate and he has a member of staff sit next to him for every meal to make sure that he doesn't eat other children's food. We provide oat milk for his breakfast cereal but the nursery provide everything else. There's a record of what DS has eaten kept so that if he reacts we can look back. We fill out a form every three months to review DSs needs.

NothingsLeft Tue 07-May-13 21:47:05

That's really helpful, thanks. I think I need to put something similar in place.

There's no co-ordinator or anything like that. Someone does sit with him apparently but they obviously aren't doing a good job! Aside from a baduc description like 'meatballs' I have no idea what actually in things. It's difficult as soy creeps into a lot if things.

I'll go in tomorrow with a plan and make sure it's all a but clearer.

TiredFeet Tue 14-May-13 19:41:49

just to reassure you that it can be sorted - DS has multiple allergies, including CMP and soya (plus wheat, eggs, etc). He hasn't had a single reaction, but they do have a lot of systems in place: posters of each allergic child on the wall, separate plates and cutlery etc, separate different colour table which is supervised (so there is a member of staff at it at all times). it has worked really well as they have thought about each point, eg what to do about food on the floor (it gets cleaned before he goes past) what to do about food on children's clothes (they get changed if they have any food on them). it is totally possible but they need to think very carefully about their systems. they even cook his food so it looks the same as the other childrens (e.g. if they have shepherd's pie he has a safe version) so he doesn't feel left out

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