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Dairy reintroduction help needed please!

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BalletGirl Mon 06-May-13 20:43:13


My nearly three year old passed his dairy challenge on Friday (yay!!!), having been allergic to dairy, eggs and sesame since birth. We have been advised to reintroduce dairy but apart from only giving cooked milk for first three days the advice on how to do this has been limited. Any suggestions on what I should be feeding him next? For three days he's had a couple of mouthfuls of rice pudding / butter crumble (yes, we major on puds here) each day but what next? Is milk better or cheese or yoghurt? No idea of what to give first and what quantities. Anyone in here done this? Advice gratefully received!

emz0909 Tue 28-May-13 16:06:05

I'm on the understanding of baked goods I.e biscuit then something like cooked with milk in such as fish pie ect then something like yogurt/cheese/butter then milk. We will be doing my DS soon he is 13months. He is not totally dairy free he is on Pepti. And have given him a Yorkshire pudding for a while. Noticed today though his skin is flaring up in small patches and a hideous nappy. Hmm. Wonder what this trigger is sad
Good luck! Sorry couldn't be more help.

Sambeth Thu 06-Jun-13 18:40:47

I suggest being pretty careful when you reintroduce dairy. Often you get an all clear just cos you have avoided the stuff for ages and your body has forgotten it is a problem. If you get more flare ups then you may have a longer term problem. Butter, cheese, yogourt are all different things with potentially different reactions. I think better to try organic yogourt (from animals who have not been put on antibiotics etc), maybe goats which is lighter. We still avoid all dairy - 20 years later. Both children try it from time to time and know that if they feel sick/ get spots/ diarrhoea/ eczema that they have overdone it. I am dairy free and it is only a problem if I eat out.

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