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Any neocate fed babies out there?

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Joshjunior Wed 28-Jan-04 22:36:03

ds was put onto neocate following vomiting on both formula and breast milk. Weight gain still poor 2-3oz wk. Consultant now testing for CF - also posted on this see Health - frantic mum.....
Has anyone else had weight gain problems on neocate? ds has also developed eczema in the last couple of days, sneezes a lot and is a bit 'phlemmy' but only when he drinks. Any thoughts / similar experiences?

Lou33 Wed 28-Jan-04 22:54:44

Ds2 was on Neocate from about 6 weeks, along with bf, then went solely to the formula from about 16 weeks. He did gain weight, but was put onto Neocate Advance when he was over a year old, as it is higher in calories. He hasn't been on it since last summer now, but he is now being investigated for lack of weight gain and growth. I don't know if it is related to stopping his Neocate or not. Ds2 was also allergic to wheat, dairy and soya until last summer too.

robinw Thu 29-Jan-04 07:07:30

message withdrawn

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