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Hayfever and breastfeeding HEEELP!

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Berrie Thu 18-May-06 15:05:21

Does anyone know what I can take for hayfever whilst breastfeeing. Last time the Doc said that I couldn't have anything but the BFN seem to suggest that the older antihistimes are ok(eg Piriton)and that I could have the nasel spray. I've been housebound for days now as it has been so bad. I was so desparate last night that I had a prirton. It was great to get some relief for a while but I feel guilty about it. My baby is 7 months and sleeps until early morning so it shouldn't be in the milk in any concentration. I'd be very grateful if anyone has any information.

Marina Thu 18-May-06 15:08:20

Beconase was prescribed by my GP, It is not quite as effective as Zirtek (the oral drug that works best for me) but it is safe to use while b/f.

Berrie Thu 18-May-06 15:12:40

Thanks I've used that pre children and it worked fine. The piriton makes me feel really wierd anyway. I'd rather not have it! I wonder why the Doctor wouldn't let me have anything last time?

Marina Thu 18-May-06 15:15:48

My GP actually said that no hayfever drugs are known to be 100% safe with b/f, but in his opinion this was erring too far on the side of caution, and that topical nasal sprays were the safest to use.
He was specific about the newer oral drugs eg Zirtek, not being suitable.
I trusted him because his wife b/f both their children and because he is also a medical homoeopath and therefore not a gratuitous scrip writer

Marina Thu 18-May-06 15:16:46

Piriton is one of life's puzzles.
Does anyone find it useful I wonder? Imagine what life was like when that was the only sort of antihistamine available

Berrie Thu 18-May-06 15:21:35

The effect reminded me of the strong painkillers I had after childbirth though more unplesant. The painkillers were quite fun, I lay in a happy daze having strange dreams about heavenly lights. I now know why people get hooked on them, couldn't understand it before!

foxinsocks Thu 18-May-06 15:21:54

piriton is great to take at night

they pharmaceutical companies seem all set on making non-drowsy ones but when my hayf (or the kids hayf) is bad at night, it's the only one that gets rid of symptoms and knocks you out at the same time!

someone took some homeopathic thing last year (was it called Luffa or something like that) and they said it worked quite well - have no idea about its safety or anything tho

mandymac Thu 18-May-06 15:35:47

Don't know if it would work, but it might be worth asking a pharmacist if Medised would help (as it has antihistamine in it) - as it is safe to give to babies over 6 months, then a tiny amount coming through in breastmilk would presumably be OK? I am breastfeeding dd (11 months) and have been know to take it just to knock me out a bit if I am having one of those restless nights .

I also use Beconase for hayfever and sinus problems on GPs advice.

Berrie Thu 18-May-06 16:21:43

What is Medised?

Marina Thu 18-May-06 16:37:12

what is Medised?
An excellent paracetamol-based syrup with an added safe antihistamine berrie.
It is recommended for babies (over 6m) and children whose feverish colds/very bunged up noses are preventing them from sleeping.
It has a mild sedative effect and is a boon in the winter. Must be used instead of Calpol as it contains paracetamol.

Heartmum2Jamie Fri 19-May-06 13:52:59

I have just been prescribed a nasal spray called flixonase, seems to work ok.

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